Email Mail.Ru opens the API


    We are glad to tell you great news - the largest mail in Runet has opened its API. It has become part of the unified API of the Mail.Ru portal, thanks to which independent developers have already gained access to the rich functionality of the My Mir Mail.Ru social network.

    What is the new API?

    At this stage, two classes of functions are available to developers: the first allows you to work with the received letter, the second - with the created one. Lists of relevant applications will be available to users directly on the pages of reading and writing messages. And now we will deal with all this in order.

    The application launched by the user on the reading page gets access to the text of the letter, as well as to other fields, such as subject, address / name of the sender, etc. This gives developers the opportunity to add additional functionality that can help the user work with the received message. For example, it may be an application that allows, without leaving the mail interface, to play videos or view photos, links to which are contained in the letter.

    In the interface for writing letters, applications can help the user with its formation - for example, offer an html editor with advanced features, a postcard designer or a tool for editing photos and creating slide shows.

    But that is not all! Applications can insert special “tags” in letters indicating the recommended application for viewing this letter. This feature can be useful to owners of existing services or sites (for example, online stores) who send informational and notification letters to their audience and want to make them more useful. Upon receipt of a letter with such a label, the addressee of the message will see a recommendation to launch a specific application to view it.

    And of course - everything is done only with the consent of the user.

    And here is a screenshot of the first application!


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