Droidcast Issue 5

    imageHello to you, habralum! Hello to all those who are interested in the theme of the mobile operating system from Google.

    Especially for you, we continue to work, and I offer you the fifth edition of the Droidcasts from the site droidnews.ru .

    In this podcast:
    • Android World News
    • Backbreaker Football is a great American football simulator
    • VKPlayer and VKontakte Music - a deadly battle or symbiosis?
    • AndWobble Free - magic tricks with photos
    • xScope - chrome for your Android?
    • aContacts - a new interesting dialer
    • Timeriffic - setting up scheduled work profiles
    • OnAir - air synchronization
    • FileGo - a glamorous explorer for your Androfon
    • And again the toy - Super Tubmle - an unusual starfall

    The recording turned out already for 9 minutes 14 seconds and weighs 12.8 Mb. For owners of not very reactive Internet or expensive traffic, there are light versions with a slightly lower quality: 96 Kbit / s (6.38Mb), 64Kbit / s (4.25Mb).

    Have a nice listening!
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