Ubuntu + FakeRaid + dmraid - how to do this?

    This is a fucking suicide, but I no longer know what to do. An urgent need to solve the problem, but the brain itself is not enough.

    I describe the story:

    There is a server, Intel Raid (Fake Raid) on it, when I installed Ubuntu it didn’t see raid arrays, but using Alt + F2 I went to the console, where I executed dmraid -ay, and lo and behold, he saw arrays. I crashed the disk, set everything up, everything is fine ... but after installation during reboot, the bootloader throws me into initramfs, with a message that / dev / mapper / dff1_blablabla (as one of the partitions in the read is called) was not found. In this environment (initramfs) I type dmraid -ay and I get a message saying that the read sections are started and activated, I write exit (Ctrl + D) in order to continue loading, but there is nothing to exit, it throws it back, with the same error, that there is no such section / dev / mapper / dff1_blablabla. I look at ls -l / dev / mapper - there it is, everything is true in / proc / cmdline too.

    I ask for help, what could be the mistake?

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