The first conference of web developers in the city of Bryansk

    May and June, as it turned out, are very rich in various kinds of events. Therefore, perhaps, I will briefly talk about another conference - Bryansk Web Day .

    The idea of ​​conducting arose spontaneously, at first they just wanted to get together with friends and talk about the development of web applications. But then they thought, why not expand the circle of participants. And after a couple of weeks an initiative team was formed, they came up with a name and began to gather the audience.

    This is the first such conference for Bryansk, we are conducting a pilot launch and we think that it will be successful.
    As for the presentations, we decided not to confine ourselves only to technical reports, and we will present the participants with the opportunity to make a brief presentation of their Internet projects. Let's see what happens in the future.
    The formation of the program has not yet been completed, so I will present some topics of speeches that have already been decided:

    1. “Methods for optimizing the performance of websites and their application”, Andrei Petrenko (senior software engineer, Loveplanet, Bryansk)
    2. “Features of doing business on the Internet”, Dmitry Kirilkin (Infinity Studio web-studio, Bryansk)
    3. “Designing and refactoring in the development of web applications in PHP”, Zorin Kirill ( Quaint , Bryansk)
    4. “Interactive graphics in web development, formats and examples”, Andrey Kholmanyuk ( Quaint , Moscow)

    UPD: If you have a desire to make a presentation, then we will be very happy about this. At the moment, the program still has free time.

    Date: June 5, 2010. Registration starts at 10:30.
    Venue: Bryansk, Kuibyshev St., 2. Conference Hall of the Tkachev Brothers Museum.
    Participation is free.

    Detailed information on the website

    We will be glad to see you!

    UPD: Unfortunately, there are no empty seats at the moment, but you can register and in case of additional places we will notify you or write about it on the site.

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