Cool Apple Patent

    The U.S. Patent Office has filed a new Apple patent called the Three-Dimensional Display System.


    The 18-page manuscript describes advanced 3d technology, including multi-input (s) input through manipulations in a three-dimensional hologram.

    The position of the observers is monitored in real time, which means that the projected picture is individually adjusted to the user's position. The tracking system allows you to acquire objects with the appropriate 3d-parameters and take the appropriate position in space.


    The system consists of a two-dimensional projector, including analog mirrors, a scanner and a general circuit, a 3D imaging unit, a projector screen bearing the functions of an interacting surface, an interface display, and a digital signal processor that receives a central processing unit.


    The 3d-display displays the picture to the observer separately for the left and right eyes, the advanced camera system synchronizes with the projection system, adjusts the light flux so that it falls directly into the observer's eyes.

    The statement also refers to a “modest 3d display” that allows you to control objects through a virtual display, grab and drag objects. This is a new form of interactive interaction with computers, the authors say.

    The management of virtual objects is possible thanks to a mechanism that recognizes movements, such as hand movements, then compares them with the location of virtual objects, processes the possible interaction and displays the result of the changes on a 3D screen.

    The authors consider this technology to be very promising, since it does not require any additional “body kits” like glasses or helmets and will find its application, for example, in home theaters.

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