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    I have been playing the guitar for quite some time. Not professionally, just for yourself. I think it’s not me alone in the evening, after work, I like to fumble a little for memorized melodies or to improvise as a rest, meditation, if you want. A constant problem that I encounter during such an evening game is the confrontation between the volume level between “I’ll wake up the neighbors now” and “I don’t hear anything”. It’s very difficult to find the middle, it’s like the ratio of hot and cold water for a shower, you know what it is, but you can’t pick it up.

    One of the solutions to this problem, which not only preserves the nerves of your neighbors, but also does not disturb your loved ones, is to play the Silent guitar. For those who already have tools (like mine) this is certainly not an option (though ...), but if you currently want to buy a guitar or put off this purchase due to lack of space in the apartment, noise, this text will be very useful for you.

    There are four companies in the world that produce such instruments: Yamaha, Traveler Guitar, Warr Guitars, and Koopal. While in Russia, the easiest way is to purchase a Yamaha instrument, which will be discussed further ...

    In the Yamaha lineup there are three guitars of this type:

    The difference between the first two is the strings (S - steel, N - nylon), the headstock and the presence of a lining (100S has it). The third guitar is a concert version of the 100N, we will not dwell on it in detail.


    The neck of the guitars is made of mahogany, the body is made from maple, which, as you know, resonates well (in this case, it is quite important, given its size). Shells (contours) are made of plastic. It is worth noting that the upper one is easily removable for transportation or storage, a truncated cover comes with the guitar.


    The musician can adjust the volume, treble and bass. The guitar also has a built-in reverb with three knob positions (off / 1/2).


    The output signal can be put on monitors or headphones (separate output), which are included. When playing through the headphones, the reverb and equalizer mentioned above will help to achieve excellent sound. Guitar pickups with preamps. Battery powered or mains powered.


    Guitars also have an aux in input. Through it, you can connect a player with a backing track or with a shock section. The input volume level is adjustable.

    To evaluate sound through combos, I suggest you look at two reviews of these guitars:

    Video review Yamaha SLG 100S

    Video review Yamaha SLG 100N

    Great sound
    Good build
    Mobility and ease The
    ability to play through headphones

    Cons: The
    price is about 25 thousand rubles

    Bottom line: The
    guitar will suit both the “sofa” guitarist, who will be happy to be able to play only for himself through headphones, without disturbing anyone, and touring, who appreciate its mobility and lightness.

    In this case, the price will confuse someone, but on the other hand 20,000 is the cost, for example, of the iPhone, against which the purchase of such an instrument for the same money looks much more attractive.

    A few large clickable photos: PS 2


    This article may be the first in a series of home tool reviews. It would be so interesting to talk more about electronic drum sets, clavins ... I will accept your positive ratings and comments as a guide to action.

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