NZXT contest - decode me. I'll give Tempest Evo in good hands


    Our regular readers have noticed that we often have to deal
    with NZXT cases, and, to tell you a secret, we often wonder what
    these 4 letters mean. So we say: "Horseradish came to us; he doesn’t know
    what kind of corps". Not because of the quality (don’t get us wrong - these are
    really good cases), but because of the name that is unsound for the Russian ear. Recently, NZXT launched the new website with information on all of its enclosures. Such a beautiful one! So, we thought that under this case we should give her a beautiful transcript. And then with such a short somehow solidly -). We offer you a deal: you give NZXT a beautiful name, and we, the author of the most original decryption, get an excellent NZXT Tempest Evo case!

    Write your version of the decryption directly in the comments! You can support
    your favorite option there.
    We will contact the author of the decryption most popular with habrozhitelami through habropost.

    PS. We accept the results within three days.

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