Presentation of the company

    Hello% username%!

    Habrahabr gathered a huge number of interesting and creative people. Therefore, we tried to thoroughly prepare for access to this resource.
    So, the announcement of what will be under the cut.

    The first thing that should be interesting is contests!
    Two design contests. Prizes: MacBook Air and a 2-week trip to England.

    The second thing that may interest you is the special offers that we have compiled, preparing to enter the hub Conferences, education, work abroad.

    The third is for the most persistent. The story about what kind of Freeway campaign is and why we climbed into the packed market of education, tourism and everything related to trips abroad.


    1. Competitions

    • The best website design. We need to come up with and implement in the layouts an interesting design for our site. The deadline is until June 30. Details of the competition.
    • The best t-shirt print design. This competition was conceived and held in conjunction with the website , which many already know. The deadline is until July 31. Details of the competition.

    Wishes and suggestions on the date or format of the competitions are welcome. They are made primarily for you!

    2. Our suggestions

    I will not be verbose, otherwise this section will grow into a handout.

    Especially for you, we were looking for interesting and relevant offers on work, training and conferences in the field of IT. Google, DEFCON - familiar words? If you yourself know in which country or company you want to work, we will find you a suitable offer. There are also offers for designers. Web and more.

    You can find all information of interest on our website, or call us =)
    It is probably convenient to start browsing with offers in the IT field .

    If you have already planned your trip, but you still have some questions about visas / accommodation. Call, write - we will help!

    3. Freeway

    The market for tourism and study abroad is very dense. Especially in Moscow. This is obvious, and therefore it makes no sense to be another travel agency. Not interested. All that we do is help a person accomplish what he himself could do if he had all the necessary knowledge and time.
    Many, for example, want to work abroad. See how it is done "there." Many people want to make some interesting trip, and not another trip to Egypt or Turkey. Not everyone has enough time or effort for this.

    It can be fixed.

    You can plan your trip without much effort and without spending a lot of time. With the proliferation of the Internet, there was no need to escape to a travel agency. With the same quality of service, there is no need to keep a large staff and pay for unnecessary clerical and office expenses. Using the Internet allows us to significantly reduce your costs.

    The client is our partner. You yourself are interested in your trip, so you yourself make all the key decisions. You do not have money for a hotel? Then maybe a hostel? Or do you want to live with a foreign family for some time?
    The busy work schedule does not allow you to apply for a visa? We will do it for you.

    However, for those who like to chat live, we also have an office. Small but cozy, with all sorts of interesting things inside. What is the inverted map of the world worth?

    4. Afterword

    I want to tell a lot of things. Obviously, this cannot be placed within the framework of one post.
    We also deal with treatment abroad based on the same principles. Is this interesting?
    Any of your questions are welcome.

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