Online library

    Dear Harbovites, the question to the masses:

    I have a library. and oddly enough it is not on the computer, but in the bookcases. she is constantly replenished. I always wanted to transfer information about books from it to a computer. To do this, there are a bunch of programs and programs cataloging anything, from the simplest to the most serious databases,
    But technology is moving forward. The devices are becoming mobile and you don’t want to link your library to the program. I would like an online service with the ability to maintain a catalog of my library. That is, I want to make my library accessible, For example, friends can see what books I have, etc. It would also be cool to be able to catalog and e-books, and so that they do not take up space to store them also on the service. I found a service on the network that approximately corresponded to my wishes - , but it is focused on recording which books I read and which ones you want.
    In general, I am waiting for advice and recommendations on the problem.

    UPD 2 services were suggested in the comments besides the above: It is interesting in many ways. - searching and adding books is worse than that of /

    Also popular now: