VKID: OpenID Immediate Mode & Attribute Exchange

    Only a week has passed since the publication of the VKontakte service , and during this time SReg support has been added and today two new features have been added:
    1. Support for OpenID Immediate Mode
      It is this functionality that Facebook uses to log in to linked OpenID accounts . Those. Now you can automatically log in to Facebook if you are logged in to VKontakte and linked your account via VKontakteID (and remember the site to automatically issue access permissions).

    2. Attribute Exchange
      This is a modernized and expanded version of its ancestor, the Simple Registration Extension, to provide additional information about the user. Extensions from the space http://axschema.org/, http://specs.openid.net/auth/2.0, http://openid.net/srv/ax/1.0 are supported, such as:
      • Nickname
      • Country
      • Gender
      • Full name
      • Birthdate

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