From April 21 to April 23, 2010, a joint conference of all RIF + KIB runners was held

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For the second time, the organizers choose the Lesniy Dali boarding house as the base for this global event. Overcoming traffic jams along the Rublevo-Uspensky highway and considerable distances is encouraged by the issuance of a badge. By the way, you can think about how to arrange it in the form of a medal. In general, the organizers and partners this year pampered more than 4,000 participants with an open-air disco, a performance of the Unfortunate event group, and a balloon ride. Of the notable events, one can mention the talk show of Alexander Plushenko, the journalist of Echo of Moscow, who dragged top managers of the Runet onto the stage for interrogation.

And, of course, the highlight of the program was the incomparable Tina Kandelaki.

Among the guests of the show, Felix Muchnik, CEO of Softkey, said his weighty word about the development of electronic commerce and the Runet itself. He also announced the establishment of an award for journalists raising relevant topics in the field of IT and e-commerce in their materials. The results of the competition will be announced in a year - also at RIF + CIB. The main evaluation criteria are relevance, literacy and practical benefits for Internet users.

At the conference, Softkey presented its new project, Softkey.Mobi, a service for organizing the sale of digital content for mobile devices. A dynamic and vivid image of the new project was created by mobile blondes and brunettes on roller skates. Girls handed out flags, disks, balls, bandanas. And, of course, questionnaires were collected: 198 in all.

As a result of the event, articles were published in the Vedomosti and Itogi editions . Materials are posted on the portals: Yandex , 3Dnews , ShopandMall , Comnews .
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