Hiding from Anti-P2P Organizations

    Here now, of course, it has become popular to encrypt sections to protect against mask shows and other representatives of the punishment bodies. But judging by the information from Western countries, everything is not so tough, and private firms, representatives of copyright holders, are doing this, simply suing you without breaking down doors, handcuffs, snipers around the perimeter of the quarter, etc. And you most likely , there will be a lot of time to physically destroy the computer with all the information, without waiting until the court decides to check its contents.

    In addition, you can have a completely legal mp3 album on your computer - because you officially bought a CD, everyone understands that no one will listen to a CD in our time. You can even download an album from torrents, because you have a CD, but you don’t know how to transfer it to MP3. What is definitely impossible isto give out , no matter how received, an album.

    Therefore, it doesn’t matter what’s on your encrypted partition, if the anti-piracy detects distribution from your IP, then you already have problems and no one will understand that your disk is filled with supposedly random data. Maybe the court will not prove anything, but they will provide you with such hemorrhoids that you yourself agree to agree amicably, and pay some amount that suits both parties. And the police, handcuffs, witnesses and others will be if you want to be attracted for using unlicensed software (and as far as I understand, they will have to prove that you are deriving commercial profit from this), which in the case of Ubuntu is not as relevant as pumping out a fresh series of your favorite series .

    As you understand, the torrent tracker gives all the other participants the IP addresses of all the participants who connected to it, as soon as you start downloading everything will be known about it, these are the principles of peer-2-peer. So, in order not to get on the radars of copyright holders, you need to block access to them and from them. For this, in particular, there are different, constantly updated, lists of their IP addresses.

    In Ubunt, you can put a wonderful firewall (or what should I call it?), Specifically for this sharpened: MoBlock . It daily updates the list of IP addresses that somehow may be connected by copyright holders, and through iptables blocks outgoing and incoming traffic with these addresses.

    Add to the /etc/apt/sources.listsource (hereinafter all the examples for Ubuntu 9.10):
    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jre-phoenix/ppa/ubuntu karmic main

    Put the source key:
    gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 9C0042C8
    gpg --export --armor 9C0042C8 | sudo apt-key add -

    sudo apt-get update

    And put:
    sudo aptitude install moblock blockcontrol mobloquer

    When installing, the setup dialog will appear:
    • I don’t advise anything in the list of sources used, put daws depending on your paranoid. By default, it may be configured quite normally, but I highly recommend seeing for yourself what exactly you need and what not. Links to the description of each list are given there. Later, of course, it will be possible to change the settings, but it is better to immediately understand.
    • In the white list of ports that will be open in any case, you can add ports 22 (ssh if you use it) and 5190 (if you use ICQ. MoBlock by default blocks the AOL network, including the ICQ server)
    • If your local network has a non-standard address list, then write it to the white list

    After installation, you can start Internet-> Mobloquer (for monitoring and settings) and your torrent client. Having meditated on the blocked log, you will understand that the list of everything that people download and distribute has long been stored in the archives of dozens of organizations, the only question is time, we are not interested in anyone yet, but who knows when it will start?

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