Android Application in 2 days



    I set a goal: to make a small android application in a small amount of time from start to finish. Thanks to the volcano, I was stuck in a foreign land for several days, there were free evenings at the hotel, which I took advantage of.


    2 pm and 3 hours on the plane, $ 25 Google, $ 30 Amazon, "Applique" Bullshit! (market: // search? q = pname: com.acxe12.bullshit) and the promo site

    How and what happened?


    The idea was simple: to try to go the whole way of creating android applications from beginning to end, not focusing on the super-need of this program, some kind of novelty or innovation.
    In our office in a meeting room someone brought a couple of Bullshit buttons , which gave rise to many smiles on the faces of office workers. After looking in the market, I was surprised to find no such bullshit-programulki. And then it was decided to fill this gap.
    What she does? When you click on the button randomly plays one of ten different Bullshit sounds.

    Evening number one

    A little bit in advance I ordered the Beginning Android 2 book, until evening number one having managed to read the first few chapters + I already had little experience creating an android application (small test program link) + little programming experience in various languages, including Java.

    Get to the point:

    Step 1: Download the Eclipse + ADT plugin. Everything is elegantly painted here . It’s written in so much detail and clearly that it can’t be compared with other SDKs (it can be apart from the iPhone, where everything is pretty clear too)

    Step 2: Create an Android project and drive it

    Step 3: Create an XML Layout, you can use the UI, the code handles were closer to me . Advice in advance: familiarize yourself with the types of markup and only then do it.

    Step 4: A button is drawn in Photoshop, background is added and all this is shoved into the project
    Step 5: Sounds are found on the Internet and added to the project

    This ended the first day, the button did nothing, but it could already be seen on the phone itself, which wasn’t could not please

    Evening number two

    Step 1: I made the button play sounds

    Step 2: I registered at , I screwed the ads
    Step 3: I made different sizes of the buttons (hdpi, mdpi, ldpi screenshots). All this was done on different screens.
    Step 4: Recorded new sounds.
    Step 5: I signed and exported.
    Step 6: I registered at , and paid 25 bucks with a credit card.

    Step 7 and the most important: I clicked the Publish button

    3 hours by plane

    Since there was time, I quickly made a promo site , a group on facebook, twitter.

    At the entrance: About 8 hours for code + drawing + sounds, 30 dollars book (I know that it is possible for free), 25 dollars reg.
    Output: 650 downloads in the market in 2 days, one click on advertising, 0 donate and happy me.

    I repeat once again, this was done solely in order to try to go through this whole process from beginning to end, I hope that after reading this you will drop all doubts and do something that you thought would be difficult and / or for a long time!

    If it became interesting:
    Download Bullshit! from the market: market: // search? q = pname: com.acxe12.bullshit

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