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    imageGreetings, comrade friends!

    Today it is time to introduce ourselves to Habramir and talk about the new service that our minds have been working on.

    zaslushaem.ru - Personal Internet radio with all the components of a social network, which allows you to create your own Internet radio stations, rather than search and fill out the player every time you want to listen to your favorite songs.

    What is "Listen to.ru"?

    This is a huge portal, whose whole life revolves around music and everything connected with it: “smart” radio, videos, podcasts, playlists, news, interviews, concerts and events, charts, etc.
    At the same time, the entire music database is built on the principle of wiki, which attracts the attention of both ordinary users and music lovers.
    Communication inside the portal was carried out in an innovative way - in one click you can send a friend to listen to any song, podcast, album or link to the post!

    Why did the radio suddenly become “smart”?

    We developed algorithms that allowed our interactive player to play the music that you really would like, even though you might never have heard it before. Our database contains several million songs from which the audio stream of your own virtual radio stations is formed!

    This audio stream is formed both on the basis of your preferences, which you can set explicitly, indicating your favorite songs, albums, artists and assigning your own weight to all this, and by analyzing your actions on the site: what are you interested in, what are you reading, what listen or watch what kind of communities you are in, with whom you are friends and many others.
    By the same principle, a unique news feed of news and posts is formed, in which there will be no random, uninteresting information to you, but only what really interests you!

    As you know, creating such a resource is a difficult task. On our way we came across hundreds of interesting problems and always found optimal solutions.
    If you are interested in how the resource was designed, how the architecture was built that allows you to hold high loads, what methods of monetization are in place - write, be sure to cover these issues later.

    We will be glad to hear criticism, questions, suggestions, ideas!

    PS I answer in advance! Questions regarding the legality of the content are being resolved, and in the near future everything will be “as the doctor ordered”!
    PPS Do not make big judgments based on trifles, because trifles are small ... Check out the “brains” of the stations and the most interesting communication possibilities!

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