We invite you to try the Toozla service on iPhone

    The picture, of course, is too small ... But how to show the coverage area with a guide? I would like to remind you that Toozla is a platform for audio guides, and for delivering LBS content in general. Actually the service lives in the clouds, and applications for mobile phones are like browsers.

    We made a version of our Toozla guidebook service for the iPhone. Soon he will appear in the AppStore.
    Want to be the first to try this app?

    Send the UID of your iPhone 3G or 3GS devices.

    There is only one condition: during the next week you will try the application in the city center, in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev. In Russian or English.

    We are ready to provide this opportunity to the first five comers. The offer is valid until April 25th.

    If you do not like it, be sure to write to us about it! If you like it, write laudatory odes.

    There are professionally made audio guides in Moscow and St. Petersburg (the full coverage area is on the site , in the picture is Moscow).
    And by the way, you will find something interesting in terms of content. The secret is not disclosed until commissioning.

    How to find your UID
    1. in iTunes, where the Serial Number is written, you need to click directly on this line with the left mouse button.
    2. the line will change to Identifier (UID): ... there are many letters and numbers
    3. Next, go to the Edit menu and then Copy.
    As a result, there will be something like a3a4e08f7c22e34dc064ea97b021df86cf9e7928 on the clipboard.
    This is the UID.

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