So my file hosting was “pressed to the nail”

    So the department “K” got to my file hosting service.

    I will keep here records of the course of events.


    04/22/2010 12:00 PM
    Found that the server is not responding. I called the hoster, asked to connect KVM to find out what was wrong with the server. But connecting KVM was not required. The hoster told me - " your server was seized by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Office K on the basis of the Resolution on the search (seizure). "

    Unfortunately, the hoster was not allowed to make a copy of one of the two papers that the K officers had shown them. So I can’t find out either the number of the criminal case or the name of the investigator.

    Now I’m actively looking for a lawyer so that I don’t wait until they call me and come to the investigators with him and find out about the reasons for the seizure of the server.

    PS. If you have a file-sharing service, close it. It looks like the wave has gone.

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