100% Uptime, 24/7 Support, Unmetered Gigabit, “abroad will help us” or how not to get caught by a startup

    In connection with the “premature” demise of McHost.ru and Hosting.ua, as well as mostly because of a bunch of questions from clients on the forums like “I want anlim gigabit for 150 bucks” I decided to clarify for the Russian audience several aspects of the IT industry and foreign business models of data centers.

    So, there are 6 myths that beginners should pay attention to and not only.

    Myth # 1 - 100% Uptime guarantee:

    A man in his life cannot be sure of anything, except that he will have to part with it.
    George Meredith

    Nowadays I would have rephrased the phrase a little: there is only one 100% guarantee in our life - death.
    I’ll tell you a secret, data centers are also not immortal.

    Let's start with common sense: do you know the column in contracts and public offers on force majeure? Well, who does not happen, the truth is the truth. Oh yes, the "hundred percent" usually have none, well, apart from the rules of use and obligations towards your webmonies and returning them through blood and tears, and if there is, then not a word about 100% uptime - otherwise the court ...

    Although wait, once in search of a data center already in Europe, I found a colocater site with such a guarantee (a rather large local Internet provider, by the way). We agreed with the sales manager to inspect the miracle data center. He arrived in a guarded building, went up to the third floor where, in fact, the center itself was located. After some time, the seller met me (let's call them that because their methods are almost better than Ar from “our” markets). A quick inspection of the data center showed the presence of two rooms in it for equipment: one for placing servers in a tower building (hetzner ay!), The other for placing racks and rack units (this was already closer to my soul), - one room for equipment maintenance and another in which technical support staff and administrators sat.
    All this was effectively illuminated by neon and was behind glass shaded by different colors, however, they did not let anyone look inside even under supervision. In general, this would have had an effect on an ignorant person: security, blackout, entry ban, neon (somewhere without it), a bunch of employees and a giant screen on the wall with the arrangement of units. Beautiful, but I'm a pragmatist.
    At that time, I was primarily interested in those same 30 percent of the budget of any data center — the channel-access to the network.

    We decided to check the channel from several points: Russia, Moscow, Stack; Germany, Frankfurt, NetDirekt; Netherlands, Amsterdam, Leaseweb; and a couple of links from webhostingtalk.com to servers in the USA and all sorts of India and China.

    Bottom line: ping was no different from the same one from the DC that I already lived in, however, checking for megabits (speed, real channel width) showed the absolute impossibility of working with this DC. A speed of 15 megabits was issued to Germany (although for the test they give everything they can give, believe me), to the Netherlands 7-5 megabits - danced, to Russia 3 megabits and lower, the USA megabits and others in total (!!!) megabits.

    Here is such arithmetic, to the reasonable question “What kind of bullshit are you trying to drive me for the same price?” They answered, “Now we’ll fix everything, try to cut the traffic” and with rather simple manipulations we tried all the traffic of your DC in real time (by the way it was clogged to failure :)) redirect via Telia ... As a result, little has changed, except for the expression on my face (from surprise, what are they doing?), to which the seller said, “You see, this is a new data center, we still have only one uplink to a local exchanger of 10 gigabits. " As you already understood the question was removed.

    So, gentlemen, even in Europe, sometimes 1x10 Gbps to IX = 100% Uptime Guarantee! And believe me, not only in its eastern part (hello to the French!). By the way, they have the only English site in this country :).
    At the moment, after 3 years, they removed 100% uptime from their site. Now they write that they have a site protected by NATO :), although in fact an ordinary business center with a large hypermarket is nearby.

    Tip: ask for a link to the file in HTTP to check the channel from different points, it is advisable to check the host-tracker for a 10 megabyte file (hosttracker.com) or a similar service, or open the topic on webhostingtalk.com (only after 10 posts on the forum!) In the section other reviews, with a link and a request to rate the channel from all over the world. Also do not forget the standard - traceroute, whois, asinfo, ping for 1 hour.

    Myth No. 2 - 24/7 Support:

    Work is not a wolf, it won’t run away into the forest
    Operation S (thanks to FloppyFormator)

    A little common sense: on average, one and a half times more money is spent on evening shift workers than on day shift workers, the salary cannot be less than the minimum + 100-200 euro per "Night", work every other day and usually tech students; about 6,000 euros per month at the data center is spent on salaries for permanent employees in the business center itself, that is, protection and change of administrators; at night they sleep in sleeping bags on the floor, even in the data center of the largest TelCo company in my small country.
    I told you only about technical support, they can even connect and execute remote hands to your console, and there is also an army of outsourced “boys” and “girls” from the local crow who transmit messages, they wake up at night. admins in DC, and which also need to pay a minimum, and poop, and eat (meaning in the office, there they must provide).

    All of this is there, in the data center which houses the largest banks, factories, ships and airlines of the country, but you won’t get there , because the sites of their business centers are all in the local language.

    What is happening in foreign-language cheap data centers? Well, usually it’s either a stoned rastafarai in the Netherlands, or a modest worker who will sleep Saturday and Sunday and has no idea how to install FreeBSD or Solaris. Although I will not hide, there are other models in which the support is invested at least as much as cooling in data centers, but in the end they still save on the same cooling :( fail .
    Memo: Call during the day to American small cheap data centers gives the answer “please wait”, and after a while “all the operators are busy, please leave your message after the signal.”

    Tip: it’s pretty commonplace, but call the support at night or directly ask the sales (grrr!) concrete support 24 / 7 every day (not only working days) from 00:00 to 24:00 (they are afraid customers who know a lot) and whether it will be stipulated in the official “contract for LLC” (EVERYTHING they are afraid of).

    Myth # 3 - Un-un-un-unMetered Gigabit !:

    Surely pronounced in the style of monsterkills from Unreal Tournament


    This is the most painful (oh!) And dangerous myth, because such money is spinning on it.
    Well, imagine, greedy, greedy, fat 10LetHoster with an experience offers a customer on a Gigabit forum worth 40 thousand euros and here JATUTSuperHost suddenly breaks into the topic “I give gigabit for 100 bucks in an ideal data center in Europe!”, And recently there was such an “ideal data center in Moscow! ”(only burst, poor ...).

    Well, in general, you understand common sense (s):10 gigabits to an exchanger costs 5,000 euros per month + installation of 3,000 euros, equipment for the distribution of this costs 30-40 thousand euros, translated into actual leasing or credit (2-3 years) 1,000 euros per month, staffing another 3,000 euros per month , cables from 500 euros per 100 meters and their subsequent maintenance "I have no idea how much, because Wishlist was choked with a toad." And this, gentlemen, I repeat, type IX exchanger!

    The cost of Tier 1 channels varies from 2-3 euros per megabit of each provider, as a result, connecting to a private exchange point with all available external connections through Tier 1 providers of the country will cost 40,000 euros per 1 gigabit.

    What prices are real in Russia with its vast land, sudden excavators and scrap lovers, I am afraid to imagine.

    And so, in the end, “September 1 Hosting” this gigabit offers you for a penny ...
    “But what about wholesale?” You reasonably ask, you know, this is such a thing, no “cheap” data center can afford channels more than 40 gigabits , usually it’s 10 gigabit to the nearest exchanger, because the calculation is mainly for local customers and for 100 megabits or gigabits to several others, Tier 1/2 do not live directly with them.
    Memo: Take Leaseweb into pieces at your leisure, for example, they have an infrastructure map on the site (which is the largest of the cheap ones).

    The reason for this fraud is simple: rarely, when a project really knows what it needs.
    And indeed, you can "vparit" anything you want by connecting the client to the gigabit port of the kitty (Cisco), forgive me colleagues, and if something happens, put the blame on the operator of the last mile, but a la: "Well, you see, you have a problem there channel at your Internet provider, call him ”; or if the client is “shuffled” “here the RTKomm channel has laid down” (the holy one in general, although the truth has lately), “You still call the provider, maybe a peer-to-peer war?”, “everything is okay with us (s)”.

    And YES 1 Gigabit you can’t “pump” to your home (a little fashionable word), no matter how you try and your Internet provider doesn’t “flood” you, because it works with exactly the same methods, for the same amounts, with the same "excuses". Even if you buy a 1 gigabit channel from a Tier 1 provider, you will have this “gigabit” only to the access points of this provider, but not to the end customer!

    Advice: a project of 60-100 thousand visitors, with an abundance of pictures "chews" only 50-70 megabits of traffic.
    If you don’t post a file hosting service, don’t “stream” the video and don’t distribute pornography (which in our time is the same as that listed), look at around 100 Mbps, preferably burstable so that the “habroeffect” does not kill.
    Usually the best channels in any country are with large TelCo providers, as they take in bulk, form part of their network (the locals are usually all inside their network) and the exit channel (what you need, because you are giving the content) is less busy (although you don’t know what’s like with your these torrents now), although if traffic is considered (terabytes, gigabytes), it may not work, in addition, their placement does not cost a penny.
    If you need guaranteed delivery, demand guaranteed channel width on Tier 1 networks - you will not find better.

    On the one hand, clients “don’t know what they want” and hosters give them “what they need,” on the other hand, often clients don’t try to change anything, because it seems to them that “it can’t be better” and “the horse is not crossing are changing. ”

    Although, as practice shows, whoever deceived once, will deceive twice and most often the proposed traffic is trash (purely an exchanger, a narrow band). And they will show it to you, either by specially cleaning it from other lemmings for a certain period, or “at a good time of day and absolutely non-flying weather” ...

    Myth No. 4 - Abroad will help us !:

    “Abroad will help us!”
    Ilf and Petrov (although Ostap Bender is better suited)

    Actually, this can close the debunking of this myth, at least for those who know the original quote.

    Common sense: "but who are you here to ... surrendered with your polymers"? :) They have plenty of their own problems. You are just “money from outside” for them, and more often than not they do not charge them any responsibility, because if anything, they can refer to “bears” who do not know how to put “where necessary” signatures and that you incorrectly understood the offer and poked their nose into finely-written text, or incorrectly translated the Dutch language into "their Sites" ...

    You should not look for free cheese abroad, believe it is also in the mousetraps here and the “tripartite” marketing principle works the same everywhere, otherwise why are there “expensive” data centers where local, international banks and corporations are hosted?

    Do the following names tell you anything: 3fn, McColo (what a harmony ...), AlphaRed?
    The list is not complete, and whether it will still be, the Internet has just begun to walk the planet :). Everyone needs to spin, everyone needs to spin and everyone can’t hide from the actions and any laws of the authorities. Only if a bribe works in Russia or a letter to the president, in Europe or the USA, you have to prove everything in court if you do not notice a warning (gentlemen, check the abuse @ and postmaster @! Mailboxes and do not say that you sent them to / dev / null) and you will not facilitate the actions of the authorities.The police here rarely work, but quickly and accurately.

    Tip: How do you know if your dts is involved in something unnatural? Honestly, I already gave such advice, but try to be hosted by TelCo providers, however this is a rather expensive option anyway. And so, just see if attacks from this DC are coming at you, if your IPs are sniffed by portscans from their networks and especially networks under their networks, etc. primitive measures. In a different way, you will only learn about the clientele either locally or through dating.

    Myth number 5 - European quality:

    "Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut
    Rittersport's slogan

    Unfortunately, this quote is often a guide to action, rather than a description of the work of Europeans and Americans (although of course these are not horrors in agate boxes, although recent pictures from one American center suggest that cardboard is quadratic case).
    That is, there is a 1pcs square box, a few practical penny iron, all of this with the remark “Gut” is poked by a hardworking Euro on a shelf, from where he plugs into a cheap switch (China) bought for a song on a sale from leasing companies and is handed over to you (ahem , ahem, kherr Khetzner) for 39 gold coins.
    Sorry, I made a habit of working with high-quality hardware from brands, and after them it’s very difficult to describe the disgrace that “these same” miracle data centers offer without a “mighty Russian”.

    Common sense: no magic European leasing / credit will allow you to sell good hardware with super support and security and good channels with good payback for 39 or even 89 euros per month. Either it smells like illegal, or you are being deceived into being impudent.

    Advice: “O Allah!” Do you need advice here? I will act in a “question to question” way: if you are not worried about the quality of your hardware, then why do you need RAID, Uptime and all these other incomprehensible terms?Take Asus eeeBox, put it in any data center (or even at home on ADSL) and forget about all the greedy reptiles hosters.
    In general, if you don’t care about the difference between Zhiguli and Audi, then don’t worry about the difference between cheap home hardware and Oracle Sun servers.

    Myth number 6 - All hosters / DC greedy freaks:

    Iron Logic
    Irony of Fate (thanks to FloppyFormator)

    Honestly, I don’t know what to say, especially to people who on Celeron for 35 euros want to serve 100k people "in a database of 3 hebe and a website under apache in pahépe."

    Common sense: hidden and buried in business plans for data centers. In hosting, he was seen hiding in the price of servers, a license (if required), a support of some kind, administrators, bookkeeping, legal. documents, as well as taxes, percent processing centers, the price of company registration and placement in a data center - is it difficult to calculate?
    Ah yes, BlueHost, Dreamhost - this is magic, but wait a minute! See myth No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5, and sometimes sometimes No. 2.

    Tip:read the contracts, especially what is written in small print, the number of files valid on the server, or a very interesting feature for unaware clients - the number of simultaneously open file descriptors (they can’t be counted how much is needed for hosting phpBB sites for 1000 visitors per day :) ) etc.

    That's all for today. I hope you - the Khabrovsk citizens will like the article and that my colleagues have not yet ordered a killer for the fact that I "surrendered everyone."

    But in fact, for a long time I was going to write an article of this kind.

    The burnt down Hosting.ua DC (by the way, “was there a boy?” In the sense of whether there was a real alarm there?) Pushed to hurry up with a description of all the subtleties, and the banal “envy” to McHost.ru and in particular the fact that many customers still look for an excuse for what happened ("because they can’t forgive themselves?") prompted to urgently post it on Habr, especially here you are the first to know what is happening.

    PS: It’s a pity the former clients of these hosters, “because happiness was so close”, “communism should have come just recently” ...
    PPS: I tried to specify all the price tags taking into account taxes.

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