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About two years ago, I wrote about Pratham Books , a non-profit publisher of children's books in India.
“It was created to fill the gap in the market for children's books of good quality and at reasonable prices in various languages ​​of India. [His] mission is to make books available to every child in India. ” At that time, Pratham Books released six children's books under the CC BY-NC-SA license , available on their Scribd page . Since then, they have changed the licenses of these books to Attribution (CC BY) only and have expanded their offerings to books in the public domain . They were also actively blogging.and encouraging the reworking of their CC-related illustrations on Flickr .

Last month, CC licenses made it possible to do audio versions of children's books by the National Association of the Blind of India. Three audio versions were recorded on Radio Mirchi , two in English and one in Urdu, even more are being recorded.

I asked Guatam John of Pratham Books why they switched to more open licensing (from the original CC BY-NC-SA license for books), and what else he said about the future of CC distributed books from Pratham Books.

“Pratham Books has taken the position that all of our content will be licensed under either CC-BY or CC-BY-SA , because only these two are truly open licenses for us that meet our needs. Radio Mirchi gave us the content without any attached conditions, but since it was done free of charge and on a voluntary basis, we felt that putting it under the CC-BY-SA license would be the best option available to us both for the community and for Radio Mirchi, and for us. Also, the SA component serves to limit commercial use, with the exception of redistribution under this license and serves our philosophy, our requirements.

We continue to release content under open licenses, for example: . And we will continue to do this all the time. We are working with the Connexions project to create a platform for the reuse, recycling, and distribution of our content as well. Our main goal is to improve the Internet in terms of accessible content for children to read, and we think we can speed it up in two ways: create a domain with our content and create a platform to facilitate the reuse and reassignment of content. ”

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