Dance of bones or "Where to go with Mchost 2"

    Not so long ago there was a post " Where to go with Mchost ", which described the main players in the Windows VPS market. But everyone understands that the bulk of the clients of the same Mchost uses conventional shared hosting. It is also clear that competitors could not get around this case and not try to attract the customers of a dying hoster. In principle, the options for the transition are clear: just look at the list of leaders of domestic hosting and add to this the age of the company (as practice has shown, this is a very important parameter).

    Loudly and openly no one on the official website calls mchost clients, however, there are also interesting manifestations: on the main page of SpaceWeb there is a banner " 3 months of hosting when switching from another provider"(I note that Sweb is part of the Hosting Community, which refused to buy McHost ). At the same time, this is a standard offer, the guys did not come up with anything special about this. Zenon and Rusonix

    also work similarly : Zenon is actively promoting and gloating on Twitter , he does the same and Rusonix , however, they even got a separate page . If you look purely from the point of view of numbers, it’s more profitable for Sveb, then it makes sense to look at Rusonix, since the guys have become more active.

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