Top 10 viral videos, February 2010

    Earlier, I published the list of online stores with the highest conversion , published on MarketingCharts . Today I am sharing another selection from the same resource: top 10 viral videos, February 2010 .

    1. Bud Light - Clothing Drive by DDB

    2. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership - Embrace Life by Rockutainment

    3. Old Spice - The Man You Could Smell Like by Wieden & Kennedy

    4. Google - Parisian Love by Google Creative Lab

    5. Nolan's Cheddar - Mousetrap by John Nolan (parody ad)

    6. Puma - Hardchorus by Droga5

    7. Snickers - Pick Up Game (Super Bowl) by BBDO

    8. Doritos - Gym Ninja (Super Bowl) by Goodby Silverstein and Partners

    9. Cerveza Andes - Teletransporter by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

    10. Burton - Shaun White Double McTwist by N / A

    Knowledge of English is desirable for understanding the essence of almost all videos. 9 out of 10 are commercials, with the exception of the movie in which Shaun White performs Double McTwist, a tricky acrobatic stunt from the arsenal of snowboarders.

    Brief comments on the commercials:

    1. Clothing drive, judging by the commercial, is a campaign for collecting clothes for the poor organized in large companies. According to the plot of the video, the girl who was responsible for the next Clothing Drive decided to give out a bottle of Bud Light beer for every thing that her colleagues handed over. The result was predictable :)

    2. No comments required. Strong movie.

    3. A handsome man, in particular, says: “Look at your peasant. Now on me. Now on him. Now on me. Again on him. And again on me. Unfortunately, your peasant is not me. But it can smell like me. ”

    4. I didn’t think that Google needed advertising :) However, well. The bottom line is that a person searches for various information about France, then asks Google how to impress the Frenchwoman, searches for a flight to Paris, then the address of the church, and then asks how to collect the crib. There are answers to all questions (did you do it at least once with Google?).

    5. No comments required. Personally, the viral potential of the video is not obvious to me.

    6. Good, but stretched. The bottom line - Puma gives avid fans (and you thought it was a chorus of matured bunny boys?) The opportunity to sing a song to their other half and publish it on the net. Like, this will stop her friend, and she will not grumble about the absences of her boyfriend / husband on football.

    7. No comments required. The gray-haired granny in the video is Betty White, the legendary comedian in the States.

    8. "Never rub Doritos with Tim."

    9. Beer producer Cerveza Andes invented, made and placed specials in Argentinean bars. the cabin. Full sound insulation and a set of different ambient sounds (from squeaking hospital devices to flushing the toilet) allow men who drink with friends to successfully and believably lie to their girlfriends.

    10. Shaun White performs Double McTwist. The rider is sponsored by the manufacturer of boards Burton, so this video can still be attributed to advertising.

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