Some Google Chrome dev updates

    Dear Chrome Dev-channel subscribers!

    I hasten to inform you that the browser has been updated to version 5.0.366.2.

    Of the innovations, I noticed several interesting things that I want to share with you:

    Thing number 1

    Now in the “Elements” tab in the right column with information about the selected element are displayed:
    • line number in css file that sets the rule
    • records of type "Inherited from ..." indicating where the rule is inherited from

    Thing number 2

    In the “Scripts” tab, when viewing a script, you can hover over almost any object or function and, after waiting a bit, see this:
    Personally, it seemed very useful to me.

    Thing number 3

    You can debug Workers ( Workers , and another link ).

    Thing number 4

    A checkmark appeared next to the extensions: "allow incognito launch." ( thanks Yeah for the info )

    Thing number 5

    Translation of the contents of the page through "Translate to Russian" (right-click, thanks Vayngarten )

    If you notice any other interesting innovations, I will be glad to insert them in the topic!
    thank you for reading

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