Meet the new search interface!

    Caution, as it turned out retronost

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    Juicy, cool!

    Not everyone works yet.

    The logo of ktsati in colors brighter has become more joyful for some reason.
    Icons will obviously change, they’re too funny too.

    Finally, they screwed screenshots of the found pages, I know some in firefox will be plugged in for this. Now a feature for everyone!
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    Or it gives out a couple of pictures from the site, the
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    most amazing thing also helps to determine the relevance . I didn’t figure it out completely, but apparently she draws a search tree, on the first request she paints possible refinements of the search with branches, by clicking on the branches from it she also draws refinement branches. It is not entirely usable yet, but the potential is very thick and interesting.
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    Why does it clarify your city.
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    further, apparently, there will be more.
    By the way, I still do not understand by what principle someone turned on a new one who does not, note who turned on.
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    ps by the way everyone watched the ascii youtube?

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