Wolfram Alpha fixes errors

    The unique “computational search engine” Wolfram Alpha used to try to sell an application for iPhone for $ 50 (by denying access to a mobile site), and broke the price of APIs around $ 220,000 a month . Now they are trying to fix the mistakes: the company announced a reduction in the cost of the iPhone application to $ 1.99 and payment of compensation to users who bought the program at the same price. In addition, the mobile site is back in service.

    The company's management says that now for them the main priority is to maximize the popularity of Wolfram Alpha. This is the exact opposite of the past strategy.

    By the way, Wolfram Alpha will pay a refund to the detriment of itself, because Apple will not refund 30% of the price of programs sold, which it takes as a commission.

    via ReadWriteWeb

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