Information security measures. Offline or online?

    Over the past few decades, information security issues have evolved from a small industry, relevant for one or two corporations around the world, to a problem that concerns a huge number of people and companies working far from only in the IT industry. Today, monthly, weekly, and even sometimes daily, information security events of various sizes are held. On the one hand, there are large exhibitions on this subject, although they often differ only in the names of the organizers (find, say, ten differences between the exhibitions “Information Security 2010” and “InfoSecurity Russia 2010”) At the same time, more and more information security companies take the initiative and conduct small, local events on the Internet, taking advantage of new technologies. However, the difference in the “weight categories” between offline and online events is huge.

    David and Goliath

    What to do?

    It seems to our team that with the help of innovative technologies it is now possible to make a project that combines the advantages of offline exhibitions - a wide range of topics and the participation of leading industry companies - and online events - wide availability. Therefore, we decided to launch a trial full-featured online event on information security - an online exhibition / video conference IT Security Online Show. There is probably no need to talk about the main difference between an online exhibition and a real one: it consists in the fact that you can visit it here and now, without making an appointment and a trip to the exhibition center. We tried to implement what was still lacking in online events - a 3D exhibition hall with stands of participating companies, communication with booth employees, quiz-draws with real prizes and a detailed conference program: webinars with interesting topics from invited information security experts . For example, on April 1, Natalia Kasperskaya, chairman of the board of directors of Kaspersky Lab and Infowatch, will give a report on how to use leakage protection to manage business processes (unless, of course, she was joking by agreeing to speak with us).

    In general, in terms of information from this event you can get everything the same as at a real exhibition. If we figure out how to distribute free beer and canapes for each visitor, we will certainly implement this as well.

    Question to you,% username% - why do you like offline events, and what is missing online information security events yet? Your opinion is very important to us!

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