DrupalCampKyiv 2010 - official opening. The conference will be held May 20-22 in Kiev

    Hello dear Community!
    Drupal Camp Kyiv

    Today is spring!
    Somewhere it is cold, somewhere frosty, somewhere - real.

    And the reality is this - 2 months are left before an interesting event that will happen between spring and summer.

    Before the DrupalCampKyiv 2010 conference, there was nothing left.
    Drupal Camp Kyiv

    But really - May 20-22 - less than 60 days and come.

    Drupal Camp Kyiv
    What do we already have?

    A lot of desire and experience.

    Last year - there were more than 200 participants and everyone remembers - it was cool.

    Now, we are planning more than 500 participants and we are doing the maximum possible to make it work. 

    At the time of publication there are already more than 430 participants on the site , we hope that by joint efforts it will be possible to increase the number of registrations - at this stage it is very important.

    On the organization.

    Right now we are negotiating with core-team Drupal and invite them - some have already responded, but I’m running ahead of time prematurely ...

    Today, at the time of publication, we officially openConference site and we give you the opportunity to learn about it first.

    Fortunately, the promise  to open the site stretched a little in time - we decided on an important step to improve the conference site - this is also a bit later ...

    We have an offer to media partners - we hope for your solidarity in the placement of promotional materials on your Internet projects, especially in in case you have a real interest in the development of the Drupal movement in our common region.

    We have prepared many pleasant surprises and rewards for especially active partners.

    We also have offers for sponsors.- With you, the chances of success are much higher. For our part, we guarantee the effectiveness of investments in DrupalCampKyiv. The experience and results of 2009 are proof of this.


    During the conference, three streams of sessions (reports, discussions, master classes) will be held simultaneously, in just three days of the conference about 50 sessions will take place.

    Day 1, Thursday, May 20

    Four parallel daytime sales training. The trainings are designed for people who want to get a knowledge base before the main stream of reports the next day.

    2nd day, Friday, May 21

    Two parallel presentation streams. One presentation lasts 30 minutes. - 1 hour. Presentation topics - Drupal review, how-to trainings, presentations designed for beginners. A party

    3rd day, Saturday, May 22

    Three parallel streams of presentations. Reports designed for professionals, case-studies, a round table on the topic "integration of Eastern European countries into the global Drupal community."

    The program, depending on sponsorship and your participation as speakers, there may be changes in the direction of expanding the number.

    Need for help

    - As mentioned above - we need sponsorship  and media support. If you are interested in cooperation and are not interested in the development of Drupal development, management, marketing - please contact us, we will be glad to partnership. 

    - Support from the participants as technical support for HelpTeam is very important for us - if you want to participate in an interesting and high-profile event, get experience in organizing, please contact the organizers and we will be glad to cooperate with you.

    - You are a Drupal developer, Internet project manager, successful marketer using Drupal as a product, a Drupal fan, an evangelist or a beginner, an investor who is looking for a team - then we need your experience as reports, master classes, brain storms, and just presence , implying the exchange of experience and obtaining contacts and partnership agreements.

    Drupal Camp Kyiv
    Come! We will be glad to each of you. DrupalCampKyiv 2010 -  offsite  +  as it was last year (pdf)

    Drupal Camp KyivDrupal Camp Kyiv

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