SMS fraud and beeline

    I would not waste my time, but just in a knockdown on how the operator can respond to a user request. Bots attack ...

    I am a Beeline client.
    I received an SMS yesterday with the following content: “You are in the 3G coverage area. Enter the command and take advantage of the new Internet features: * 110 * 1016 # ”I
    remembered about SMS fraud, remembered about the posts about Beeline website and looked there. After reading the information on the site I decided to write a letter to Beeline in order to clarify for myself should I respond to SMS or not.

    Here is what I wrote:
    To: questions.msk@nord4
    Date: 03/22/2010 16:27:24 (Moscow time)
    Subject: Fraud

    Good afternoon,
    I studied the section of your anti-fraud website and would like to receive
    information from you how should I respond to SMS received from a
    Beeline operator that falls into at least two categories of fraud specified by
    you “SMS - request” and “Paid code or Operator’s shares”?
    Today I received an SMS message with the following text:
    “You are in the 3G coverage area. Enter the command and take advantage of the new
    features of the Internet: * 110 * 1016 # "
    How do I regard this SMS, should I enter the
    proposed command and what can it lead to?

    And received today this answer:

    Dear Named!

    According to our information, the probability of "infection" of a cell phone
    a virus from the Internet (when navigating through WAP-resources) is
    quite low, however
    , it is impossible to exclude such a theoretical possibility. In this regard, we can offer
    not to open “suspicious” files on unknown sites
    and not to read (for example, through the
    mail client built into the mobile phone ) mail with attachments from unknown persons.

    Your Bee Line.

    Now I can’t understand whether I’m so stupid, or are there any problems with Beeline customer service?
    Tell me, is there any hint in the answer to the connection with the question?

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