Taxi-Taxi or airport transfer at half price

    Taxi Taxi
    Good afternoon!

    My name is Victor, they know me on Twitter as @ukrtaxist . Everyone who reads me knows that I’m burning with the idea of ​​creating a new generation taxi service “Taxi 2.0.” The idea is voluminous, but the first results are already there - together with the guys from InVooDoo studio , we launched the Taxi-Taxi service . Using this service it is possible to order a transfer to / from the airport for 50% of the cost.

    Everything is quite simple! Having visited the site, the client sees a list of machines and the time for which they can be ordered. Two separate lists - for those who need to go to the airport and for those who want to get from Boryspil airport to Kiev.

    Taxi Taxi

    Having chosen the appropriate time, the client draws up an application, leaving the necessary minimum data: name, address and phone.

    Taxi Taxi

    Everything goes without registration and other unnecessary actions. The transfer cost is the same for everyone - 80 UAH (orient. 300 rubles). For reference - a regular transfer to the airport costs 130 - 170 UAH (480-650 rubles), and at the exit from the airport local taxi drivers take to Kiev for at least 200 UAH (750 rubles).

    I want to pay special attention - despite the price, the client orders a full taxi service! Those. the car arrives at the desired address in Kiev, picks up the client and takes you to the airport. Or vice versa - you will meet at the airport and take to the necessary address in Kiev.

    The service was opened 3 days ago, while there are few offers, but we have already issued a couple of applications.

    Use our Taxi-Taxi service and save!

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