Viasoc Media - Social Media Portal

    My respect to the Habrovsk residents. I would like to present to your court my new project, social media portal Viasoc Media.

    Every day all new services and tools are released that are designed to facilitate the work with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin ... As we all know, there are many social blogs such as Mashable, Techcrunch, Social Media Today, ReadWriteWeb, TheNextWeb which daily delight us with reviews of such services. Since I conduct my business with the help of social media, I ran into a problem, there are too many tools and 75% of them are all paid and to try each of them, I have to spend not only money but also time for testing, and I'm not quite simple reviews on the same Mashable, because anyway, until you see the service in action, you will not appreciate all its charms or shortcomings.

    Therefore, I decided to open such a social portal for myself where screencasts with detailed work of one or another service will be laid out and each person after viewing can decide for himself whether this service suits him for work or not. So far at the moment I have collected all the video reviews that I managed to find on different social media services. For some interesting tools, video reviews of which I did not find I will do in the near future myself. I also hope that in the future, developers of such services themselves will post detailed screencasts of their projects there, so that people have the opportunity to have a visual representation of the service before putting money for it.

    I would also like to know the opinion of the habrasociety about the project itself and whether it will be in demand. thanks

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