Not a single iPhone - AlterGeo for Android has been released!

    imageRejoice, owners of “google phones” - now you have the opportunity to watch through your smartphone what kind of people are around you, where are your friends, what places are nearby, make appointments with one click, and much more. All this was made possible thanks to the release of the free AlterGeo application for Android (download from the Android Market or scan the barcode at the bottom of the page).

    AlterGeo for Android can:

    Places . Urgently need an ATM? You think in what cafe to have lunch? Determining the location, AlterGeo shows places nearby (for example, the nearest ATM Raiffeisenbank 200 meters away) and provides information about them - the average bill (if we are talking about a cafe / restaurant), opening hours, contacts, ratings. You can configure to display places of a certain category, you can search by name.

    People. “Who are all these people around ?!” is now not a rhetorical question. AlterGeo will tell you what kind of people are nearby - in a club, cafe or at a conference. User information will make dating easier. Become “visible,” and others will be able to find you. And adding the status (“going to the cinema”, “at 19:00 I’m going to Butovo”, “I urgently need a drink”, etc.), it will become easier to find a company.

    Meeting with friends . The question “friend, where are you?” Is canceled. AlterGeo will let you know where your friends are, what’s going on with them (of course, if friends don’t mind). Even if one of your friends does not use AlterGeo yet, you can make an appointment with one click: AlterGeo will generate an SMS with your location or with the address of the meeting place. Send it and your friends will find you quickly.


    AlterGeo for Android works on phones with Android OS version 1.6 and higher and is available anywhere in the world. Of course, the larger the city, the more activities there will be.

    There is no limit to perfection - now we are working on the next version, which will include augmented reality, free messaging, integration with Twitter and much more. Follow the news (now on Twitter - )!

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    your phone know what to do with barcodes? Then scan the image to install AlterGeo for Android:

    Update : Download the AlterGeo file for Android (Remember, automatic updates will most likely not be available).

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