-What is the strength in, brother? Strength is on the blog!

    I’ll tell you about my blogging experience. I am a trader. More than 3 years in this business. He worked at Broco, worked at IBCapital. He traded on his own, developed a TS, earned and lost money, gaining experience. I had to work at my main job, work on the forums of these companies, trade, study literature, devote time to my family.

    Even then, I realized that it is possible and necessary to live in such a way that you don’t think about how to reach your salary, work in pleasure, receive material reward not in the form of a fixed payroll, which someone has fixed, but in accordance with the love and zeal invested in what you do.

    At some point, I made my website dedicated to trading. I screwed the forum to which my friends and colleagues came. But something was wrong. Maybe the time has not come, maybe I have not seen where to go. I took it down one fine moment. Continued to work. As often happens, questions, inconsistencies, disagreements with politics arise periodically with the employer ... And I became bored and cramped as part of what and how I was doing under the guidance of other people ... It's time to think about my site again. And I chose the blog format. He began to study everything he could find on the topic of blogging.

    I came to the following conclusion: if you are an expert in some matter - go ahead! Make a blog on your favorite topic, fill it with content, optimize, follow a development strategy, accompany it with interesting materials and stories about life, interact with the audience and stay on the chosen path.

    No sooner said than done.

    In general, at first I had to devote a lot of time to working with a blog. Sat after midnight. Configured, remade, optimized. I thought about what and how to write. Read blogs, books, rethink the experience gained. The more he did it, the more he liked it. Of course, it happened that hands fell. For different reasons. Overwork, dissatisfaction with results, stress. I thought - why all this? But time heals. It takes several days, a week, two, and you are back in line, again ready to share with your readers what is in your soul and in your thoughts.

    At the same time, I recommended that my friends and colleagues do the same, because you never know where you will be tomorrow, what will happen in your life, and having a blog is your resume, your diary, after reading that people can find what they are looking for. And who knows, maybe this is how a person can find an interesting job or like-minded people. By the way, now some of them are in a piquant situation related to a possible loss of work. And, believe me, those few people who started their blogs several months ago already have their own platform for starting, unlike those who did nothing ...

    So, at some point, I finally parted with the management of the company where I worked. This has happened recently. It probably affected that I was already tired of doing the irrational and unreasonable work that was entrusted to me and spoke about it very sharply. Well, at least I left myself, being ready for such a development of events.

    The question was, what next? Since what I write here can be applied to the blog on any subject, and not just on the topic of trading, which implies a certain financial viability, then let's mention such monetization methods as placing paid banners, ads, guards, etc. This is not serious in my opinion sight. It is not serious both in terms of earnings and primitivism.

    What did i do?

    I just hung up the Partnership page, on which I offered my services and knowledge for mutually beneficial cooperation with interested people. And almost immediately received numerous responses to his post. There are people for whom my blog is interesting, I'm interesting as its author. I am very pleased that my efforts were not in vain. I am doubly pleased that people find answers to their questions in my posts.

    Now attendance in the region of 130-200 visitors per day, the percentage of failure is less than 1%, increasing% of visitors coming through search engines.

    What I want to recommend to those who themselves are experts in some field and are ready to engage in the creation and promotion of their blog.

    1. First of all, you need to understand - that the blog is you. You, as a person, as a person. You need to be interesting to people. You need to open in front of them. Although, of course, there are those who are dissatisfied and someone may spit on you - it's okay. This is normal. The more a person comes forward, the more clearly he realizes that the reaction to his personality becomes differentiated. Do not slip into squabbles, pay more attention to the audience that understands and respects you. Let it be 3-5 people at first, in a year there will be 300-500, and this, you see, is worth a lot.

    2. Do not give up if something does not work out. Water sharpens a stone. How many people became famous and demanded only because all the time they hit at one point. The main thing is patience.

    3. Keep the goal in mind: I want my experience, my knowledge and my approach to business to receive due recognition. To do this, increase your professionalism, learn new things. No need to doubt your abilities or think of yourself in a derogatory tone. Do not go in cycles in standard and primitive forms of monetization.

    For example: are you special in installing / reinstalling / updating / restoring Windows? Cool! I have experience in this at the simplest level. And if your blog caught my eye, I would have paid you the trouble of reinstalling my beta 7 to normal, while preserving all the information and software to the maximum. Especially if we live in the same city.

    And if you are an apartment repair specialist? It’s not difficult to collect people who are repairing something on their blog, too.

    Can you write funny poems? Well, write them on your blog - accept orders for congratulations, rhymed statements of some ideas of customers, etc.

    If you are an expert on real estate in Moscow - over time you can provide private services, legally formalizing your activities, having an already developed audience.

    If you are a gamer, post reviews of games and if you know how to write beautifully, then you can write reviews for companies producing toys for PCs on a paid basis over time.

    If you’re a geek, then how do you know if you will receive an offer from a philanthropist who simply liked you because of his creative approach and innovative solutions ...

    A lot of options. The main thing is to understand that your blog will be in demand if your knowledge solves people's problems or helps them in some matters.

    5. Be sure to blog on a topic that delights you that you love. Otherwise, a pipe. Let it be a blog about contacts with aliens, but with a drive and emotions than a blog about marketing, in which you do not understand.

    6. Often they say to me: well, such and such has his own blog, he has only 10 dollars a month. This is a penny ... What can I say? Do not look for reasons to stop blogging. Do not look at those who do not understand where they are going. Serve the best you have. Think in advance what you want: money for your knowledge, fame in certain circles or finding partners. And you will succeed. I am sure.

    Good luck

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