Eldorado gained 1.6 billion rubles

    Judging by the results of the site Eldorado.ru in 2009, this store came out on top in Runet in terms of sales. In a press release, they report that the site’s annual traffic was 25 million people, and revenue reached 1.589 billion rubles. This is one and a half times higher than the result of 2008. It would seem a lot, but these are crumbs: the Internet provides the company with only 1.8% of the turnover.

    In 2010, Eldorado expects an increase in online sales by 40%, in connection with this a new version of the site has been launched. Web developers from Eldorado call their main achievement a change in the directory structure so that any product can be reached in fewer clicks. In addition, they taught the site to adapt to the user's screen resolution.

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