Hotkeys ctrl + shift + [key] and switching languages ​​by ctrl + shift (solved)

    Problem: When setting up switching layouts on ctrl + shift, keyboard shortcuts of the form ctrl + shift + refuse to work.
    It turns out recently (just a month ago) Ilya Muravyov wrote a patch that corrects this misunderstanding. The bottom line is that switching the language after the patch is triggered not by pressing, but by releasing the ctrl + shift buttons.

    The topic is about a bug four years ago on the launcher and on . The patch itself .

    A little instruction for bubuntovodov:
    create a folder for the sources and future .deb we go into it:
    $ mkdir xorg-server
    cd xorg-server

    we get the sources
    apt-get source xorg-server in it

    install the packages needed to build
    sudo apt-get build-dep xorg-server

    download the patch

    install the patch
    patch <attachment.cgi \? id \ = 33142
    File to patch: xorg -server-1.6.4 / xkb / xkbActions.c we

    collect (you may have a different folder, did it in ubuntu 9.10)
    cd xorg-server-1.6.4 /
    debuild -us -uc
    cd ...
    dpkg -i * .deb

    debug pack of my assembly (for the lazy):
    MD5: 90FACB79834FECBF1716B42CF0D4D47A

    Only trust me if you trust me I provide guarantees.

    PS I pulled it all out of the topic about ubuntu, I think many who are used to switching ctrl + shift will be interesting.

    PPS Adapted the patch for 10.04, take here

    PPPS found a PPA with this patch

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