About nanofilters, clean water and the Inquisition - ask a question to Gryzlov-Man

    If you are interested in clean , but somewhat expensive water, and in the unenviable fate of academicians inquisitors , mired in corruption and obscurantism, you have a unique opportunity to ask the question to Man-Gryzlov himself .
    Quick reference:
    Gryzlov-Man grew up a simple IT specialist, like most visitors to this site. He graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic School with a gold medal, Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of Communications named after M. A. Bonch-Bruevich, majoring in radio engineering. He entered the All-Union Research Institute of Powerful Radio Engineering, where he was engaged in the development of space communication systems, and then at Elektronpribor, where he was engaged in the development of integrated circuits of the latest devices. In 1999, a sharp turn took place in his life - he realized his superpower . Since then, he has dedicated his life to serving people:
    • he personally invented a supernanofilter that turns drains from the LNPP toilet into Borjomi, albeit a little inanimate
    • branded shame and called to account the evil obscurantists of the RAS
    • defended and warmed up light magicians from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
    • rebuffed an impostor in red pants with pedophilic inclinations
    • filthy broom and pissed rags cleaned all foreign bookmarks from Orthodox supercomputers .
    • and much more
    On one cozy little blog, there was a proposal to make an RSS feed for questions coming to that site in order to read them all the weekend and be happy.

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