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Siobhan Quinn, Blogger Product Manager

We are pleased to share great news with you. Today, Blogger’s Draft , an experimental testing ground for our blogging service, has a new opportunity. This is a template designer .

It will allow you to create beautiful and unique blogs. At your disposal:

- 15 new professional templates. In the future, there will be much more.
- Setting the number of columns: one, two or three.
- Hundreds of professional background images.
- Customize colors, fonts - and much, much more!

To make your blog look even better, we work with the leading iStockphoto photo bank. Thanks to this, you can use hundreds of background images for free. And this is just the beginning. As part of our group of template designers, we work with a wide community of designers. This allows you to constantly create new unique templates for the Blogger service. We are waiting for you on the Blogger Draft page , where you can start using the template designer at any time. You can always find out about our new experimental capabilities in our blog . Stay in touch! Over the next few weeks, we will have new templates and images, and soon after that, the Blogger template designer will become available to users by default.

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