Current methods of exchanging Webmoney for poison and vice versa

    Probably, almost all habrayuzers some time ago were faced with the unexpected ban of Webmoney on exchanges with a large number of exchangers, including poison.

    WM exchange points are prohibited ... accounting systems which do not provide proper identification of the owner for the purpose of combating illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and money laundering.

    This surprisingly prevailing situation added another inconvenience, as well as the overly perverted security of webmoney.

    A little google, you can find many ways, still exchange WebMoney for poison and vice versa, some of which I publish in this post. I think this information may come in handy :)

    Method 1
    The first method consists in an intermediate exchange for Bank.VKontakte currency . If you do not have an account on Vkontakte, it makes sense to register, as a maximum, for the sake of this method of currency exchange.
    By registering directly with the Bank, you replenish the account in a convenient way and currency. Further, as soon as the balance becomes positive (within a few seconds), you need to use the Roboxchange exchanger and change the Bank.VKontakte currency to the necessary ... Webmoney or Poison. I would like to note that the process of exchanging VK bank currency for Poison does not impose any fees. Which, unfortunately, is not so in the opposite case.
    The total profit that systems take throughout the entire exchange operation will be about 5-10 percent.

    Method 2
    Something similar to others, namely, the presence of an intermediary in the exchange process. Which is natural, since the exchange itself, as we actually know, is not carried out.
    Wallet One . We register, replenish, change to all the same Roboxchange . And voila.

    Method 3
    Qiwi. Many have Kiwi wallets. Kiwi, in my opinion, very well done :) You can top up anywhere, you can exchange for anything, and even pay for almost anything. To register, as in the first two methods, you must have a mobile phone. There is a minus. Skylink users have a rest. Qiwi does not register wallets on SkyLink mobile phones. To solve this issue, it makes sense to connect some kind of operator, hide the SIM card in a dark corner and use the exchange operations only through the virtual wallet on their website, or disable the autoinformer in the settings, which, during any exchange operation directly through the terminal, calls and asks: “Do you need it?”

    Method 4
    Alpha Bank.Happy Alfa card holders are able to deposit and withdraw, change and withdraw money both at ATMs and through payment systems. The following exchangers can change Alpha money for WMR: Nevabank , Wmcasher , Wmstream , etc. Webmoney change within 15-20 minutes. You can replenish the Alpha card with poison both through, and through all the same exchangers.

    Method 5 (addon from leealex )
    Cash2wm . A good project, an analogue of the webmoney exchange. Leave a request for an exchange, a person who wants a reverse exchange agrees or does not agree to your terms. In the case of a positive decision, an exchange takes place.

    Recent posts about Poison on Habr, tell how Yandex suddenly began to ban wallets. In my opinion, this is the first wave of increasing Yandex Money security. It is naturally not beneficial for them to be limited in the sources of export and import of money, I mean the exchange with Webmoney.
    Further, it seems to me, Yandex will be even more perverted until Webmoney returns to him the opportunity to mutually change the currency. In the meantime, personally, I have brought all mine from Yad to Alpha and to Webmoney, because I don’t want to wait for the thunder to be baptized.

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