Golden Engine Award

    Less than two weeks are left before the results of the Golden Engine Prize are announced. This year, it turned out that four of the eighteen applications in the nomination “Best Internet Site” are projects made in our studio. That is almost a quarter.
    This fact came as a surprise to us. I will not hide, a pleasant surprise.
    We have never applied for any awards. And this time for us (and even without our knowledge) our beloved customers did it.

    Now I would like to talk a little about each project, in order to finally have a promotion here (this is generally the first post on the hub), and, perhaps, put a little pressure on the respected jury of the Golden Engine.

    First of all, I would like to note that recently (for about four years now) we strongly recommend that our customers who decide to create a promotional website (in this case, a promotional website for a film or series) do not limit themselves to the standard scheme “actors - creators - trailer - photos - synopsis. " If the film has some kind of dialogue with the viewer, especially if it is a feature film, then it’s worth considering how to draw the site visitor into the atmosphere of the site (and, consequently, the movie), make him spend more time on the site than what assigned to a fluent reading of synopsis and; accordingly, to make sure that he - a visitor to the site - is more likely to convert into a cinema visitor. Usually we do this with the help of game services integrated into the site. However, there are exceptions. But, since the article is not about that,
    So, about the nominees.

    1. "Love is not what it seems . "
    Objective: To create a non-standard website for the series, with the opportunity for dating and communication.
    Result: a light, joyful site with the ability to upload your own video, each registered user has their own profile, with the ability to easily rate each video, with “leaders” and “newcomers”. The series has already ended, and the site still lives.

    2. "Love-Carrot 2" .
    This is our pride, our love, our pain. The customer did not ask for anything, did not set conditions. We ourselves proposed creating a website, which in itself is one big game. You can watch the trailer, or you can play toys, having exchanged places with the heroes of the film, looking at the adult world with children's eyes (in general, the film is about this, as it seemed to us). At the same time, the presence of the gaming moment on the site in no way cancels the presence of the standard sections mentioned above. For successful completion of the game quest (a separate section for girls, a separate section for boys), a site visitor gets access to "classified materials".
    After launching the site, they called us from a major Moscow newspaper and said that the editorial work had stopped. Everyone is trying to complete the quest.
    Also, to promote the film, several more games were made that existed independently of the site. All games were branded and spread virally through the blogosphere and social networks.

    3. "Unforgiven . " An excellent film by the young director Klim Shipenko.
    Task: limited by a small budget, come up with something that would “catch” the visitor.
    And so it happened: the site itself is simple, but "terribly pretty." As a “hook”, it was decided to make an Easter egg, which was virally distributed throughout the blogosphere. Here's the egg: from the characters in the film, we select Lex (bald, in a white shirt). We click on it, and then - twice on the appeared tablet with its characteristic. And in the same design as the site, we get a first-person shooter toy. Viral spread has not failed. During the rental period, the site was visited by the planned number of users.

    4. "Yulenka . " Khoror from the producer Renat Davletyarov.
    Task: do scary.
    Here we did not do any integrated entertainment. Several locations from the movie were made, along which the visitor “travels”, switching between sections of the site. We tried to immerse the future viewer as much as possible into the atmosphere of the film. I hope we succeeded. Pay attention to an invisible hand that ominously hangs photos for developing in a dark room with a red lamp. Here are the benefits of the pre-digital era! It is unlikely that we managed to draw and flash the ominous appearance of a photograph from a printer or alarmingly editing it in a lightroom using chilling presets.
    In addition to the site, several “stand-alone” satellite projects were made to support the film and the site - these are toys, on-line tests, and more. All of them spread through the blogosphere and social networks.

    All customers were satisfied. Well, at least they were satisfied with the sites.
    I tried very hard to outline these four nominees for the title of “Best Movie Site” as short as I can for hours talking about each project - we all here really love our work.
    And yes. I completely forgot. I'm PR.
    We are called Web-Soft LLC .
    And then after all, nothing has been written about us on the award website.

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