How did I get the domain

    The story is sad but instructive

    Today I ordered a domain from a well-known domain name registrar. I paid a receipt at the bank.
    In the evening at 23:00 Moscow time, data came for domain management. And after half an hour the letter that killed on the spot.

    It turns out half an hour ago the domain is already registered. Looking through whois, it turned out that the domain had registered another domain name registrar.

    It’s hard to say whether this is a coincidence or a domain is leaked. The registrar said that the money reached around 23:00 Moscow time. Since the payment was through the bank, there are no complaints.

    What to do

    If you pay on a receipt at the bank, the money will go to the registrar for 1-3 days, do not wait so much, take a photocopy or photograph of the check and send it immediately to the registrar.

    I hope this information helps to avoid my mistake.

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