Flibusta did not last long?

    The well-known network wiki-library gives an error 502 as soon as an hour. Hopefully this is only a small and temporary technical problem.

    UPD: everything is already wound up, already working. While there are no comments and explanations, but as correctly noted , “From the previous pages, it was long ago possible to understand that“ 502 ... ”with the signature“ nginx ”meant a local breakdown on the server itself - the database was broken, the log was bloated, which there still happens (and it would be very surprising if it weren’t “for everyone”, but only for the elect). Well, since there is a server failure, and the server has a host, which, most likely, the server is monitoring - it’s up to him to hand the cards, our business is not to get underfoot and wait. ”

    Dear owners! Thank you very much for your work, excuse us for importunity - we are just worried.

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