Video virus, or how I did not watch a movie


    It was an ordinary spring day - in the courtyard, schoolchildren returning home were noisy, somewhere in the distance a direct-flow rushing into the distance was buzzing. After a hearty meal, the body was in a state of drowsiness, and the download of the fresh series of “The Big Bang Theories” coming to an end promised a pleasant pastime. In a word, nothing violated the idyll, and the usual paranoia on the topic of security went into standby mode. And, as practice has shown, in vain ...

    Kina will not be

    At first glance, the video file looked completely normal: the size, name and time of occurrence were quite true. Perhaps the extension was wmv instead of the more familiar avi, but this did not seem to be a serious problem. The problems started when I tried to open the file - Light Alloy immediately declared that he was not able to play the video, so it was decided to feed the file to Windows Media Player. WMPlayer with honor coped with the task assigned to it and immediately identified the problem - the need to verify the license; and immediately began to persistently ask for the network.

    The desire to enjoy the most important of the arts already overpowered everything else and the player was allowed to solve the problem already. To solve this problem, WMP offered to download the license from a site with the quite consonant name, though now the license was called an audio codec. And when the antivirus raised the alarm when downloading the "codec-license" all hopes melted away and it became finally clear - there would be no kina

    Infection mechanism

    As you already understood, a video file is actually a dummy designed only to infect a computer with a rootkit, which is not determined by all antiviruses. Freshness of malicious code, coupled with an interesting and unusual way of infection, gives a high probability of infection. By the way, on the same "site" there are several more modifications of the malicious code for different occasions - apparently, the author has a really rich imagination.

    So do not forget that even trustworthy programs can offer you to pick up a virus - be careful and do not forget to protect yourself.

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