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    I often came across a selection of plugins for google chrome, but I didn’t notice thematic ones, so I decided to write a selection of plugins for working with RSS, which for some unknown reason doesn’t support chrome.

    I decided to group plugins a little on third-party readers and built-in. I thought for a long time about which plug-ins to start, and decided that for seed I would start with an extension that does not fit into one of the groups.

    Revolver RSS

    I think everyone had such a moment when there was absolutely nothing to do, and you surf the Internet in the hope of accidentally finding something interesting. So, what this plugin does is, it simply by pressing a button opens a random entry from the RSS feed you have specified. For example, you can hammer RSS of new articles on the hub and you will definitely find something to read ;-)
    Now extensions for working with third-party services will go.
    Revolver RSS Page


    Google reader RSS Subscriber

    I think many people who use RSS use Google Reader, and if they don’t use it, they will use it, so this plugin is simply indispensable for quickly adding a feed (with one click) to your Google Reader.
    Google reader RSS Subscriber page


    Google reader notifier

    A very convenient plugin that shows the number of unread entries in your reader.
    Google Reader Notifier Page


    Read More! for google reader

    Again, a convenient plug-in for Google Reader, which allows you to configure your feeds to read full records instead of announcements, is very convenient for those who like to get all the information from one service.
    The plugin needs to be configured to parse complete records using XPath or CSS Selectors, but I think it's not very difficult.
    Read More Page for google reader



    Although the absence of an RSS feed on any site is already a rarity, but this happens, this plugin perfectly copes with it, it tracks changes on the page and creates an RSS feed that you can subscribe to in a variety of ways.
    For example, changing the google homepage .
    Page2RSS Page

    Now let's move on to the built-in readers, they just got nothing at all - 2 pieces.

    Slick RSS

    In my opinion, a very concise and convenient reader, I highly recommend it.
    Slick RSS Page


    RSS Subscription Extension

    Of course, it’s hard to call a full-fledged reader, it’s rather a preview of the RSS feed, but still.
    RSS Subscription Extension Page

    That's all, if you know a couple of other useful plugins, write - I will be glad to hear. So arm yourself and, of course, subscribe to my rss feed .

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