LG GX500 touchphone review

    This weekend, after the Android smartphone LG GW 620 , they gave us the opportunity to test a new touch phone from LG. GX500 is a candy bar with a 3-inch display, the resolution of which is 400x240 pixels, without a keyboard. The dimensions of the new items are 109x53x13 millimeters. A feature of the new product is the support of two SIM cards simultaneously . And as I understand it, this is the budget version of LG KS660. The number of such devices is growing and manufacturers are paying attention to this area. Mobile devices that can work simultaneously with two SIM cards are quite popular in the CIS countries. Photos under the cut)

    First impression, a solid monoblock is quite well assembled, without creaking backlashes. High-quality plastic, with metal inserts, although it would have been nicer if it were the new-fashioned SoftTouch.

    Support for MicroSD cards up to 8 gigabytes (The manufacturer says that the version is still not final), an accelerometer. And a pretty good, albeit only 3 megapixel camera. There is Wi-fi support and a convenient browser. Also a bunch of applications for social networks. A 1500 milliamp battery gives 3 days of phone operation with active use. Sim cards are installed one above the other, quite conveniently and compactly.

    I got a prototype, with pretty crude software. But the phone was pretty smart. And it is perfectly adapted for finger control (there is no stylus). The accelerometer works in several applications, the screen flips very quickly, without delay.
    Synchronization with PC \ charging is carried out by MicroUSB.

    Bottom line, the phone is simple as a corner of the house, it makes you feel that you are holding a really reliable thing in your hands, with a pleasant user-friendly interface. Work with two SIM cards is organized very conveniently. The device turns on in 5-10 seconds.
    The price of the device is not yet known. Starts of sales in May)

    Dimensions 109x53x13 mm
    Weight 127 g TFT
    display , 3 inches, 400x240 pixels, resistive
    Battery 1500 mAh;
    Memory 50 MB of internal memory (available to the user) plus expansion with micro-SD cards. GSM
    standard 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3 MP
    camera , autofocus.
    Communications Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP, micro USB (charging).

    + Excellent build
    + DualSim
    + Wi-Fi
    + MicroSD
    + Convenient design
    + Radio
    + Powerful battery

    -It would be super if there was a sliding keyboard (not for everybody)
    -Maybe in some applications there is not enough stylus

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