Backlit waterproof keyboard

    Econo-Keys has released a waterproof (or rather, comprehensively protected) backlit keyboard. They called the device EKB-97-TP.

    The novelty compares favorably with “conventional” keyboards with a touchpad, backlighting and, in fact, good protection from water (dirt, dust, alcohol, as well as caustic substances will also not harm). The backing of the EKB-97-TP case is made of silicone rubber, so there is no question of sliding on the table.

    The keyboard is intended for use in medical institutions. However, especially sloppy users who can pay $ 196 for an input device can also put their eyes on the EKB-97-TP.

    By the way, this keyboard, as well as yesterday’s touchscreen Cleankeys, can also be easily disinfected with almost 100 percent success. Due to complete tightness.

    via hothardware

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