March 1 - free webinar of Softkey and Kaspersky Lab “Kaspersky Open Space - Release 2”

    Softkey Internet Supermarket and Kaspersky Lab conduct an online seminar on updating applications of the Kaspersky Open Space Security product line , version Release 2. The

    webinar will be useful for information security software sales managers, product managers, IT department managers IT professionals.

    Date: March 1, 2010.
    Time: from 11:00 to 12:00 hours (Moscow time).
    Topic: “Kaspersky Open Space - Release 2”.
    Speaker: Alexey Shlyonov, Specialist, Expertise Department, Softkey.

    You can register for the webinar here -
    The event itself will take place on a special venue Softkey -

    In the webinar program:

    * Updated Release 2 application in Kaspersky Lab products version 6;
    * Main advantages;
    * protection technology;
    * protection of workstations;
    * server protection;
    * centralized management tool;
    * installation, deployment of protection, getting started;
    * customer benefits.

    Release 2 is an update to the applications of the Kaspersky Open Space Security product line for protecting workstations running the Windows operating system.

    Release 2 introduces higher levels of protection and performance, a new administration console, and full compatibility with Windows 7.


    For the correct reproduction of sound and image on your computer should be:

    * Internet access;
    * Adobe Flash Player 8 or later;
    * headphones or speakers;
    * microphone (if possible).
    * You must also open TCP port 1935 on the firewall.

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