Expensive shop in bourgeois Allods

    European and American publisher Allods Online gPotato at the weekend opened a gaming store. What struck most players to the core. And by no means the very fact of discovery, but prohibitive prices. Players first thought that the publisher was simply mistaken by adding an extra zero at the end of the price tag.

    For example, one healing potion costs $ 13.5, an inventory bag for six additional places costs $ 20. A level 10 rune sells for almost $ 7,000 (brrr). In the “original”, prices are much lower. It is not surprising that many players decided to boycott the store, which for the publisher can mean considerable problems with the monetization of the game. However, gPotato seems to be fine. The only thing the publisher apologized for so far was opening a store without an announcement.

    via goha

    PS I, as a person not very familiar with online games, decided to consult with the "rummaging" comrades. And indeed, the prices are simply amazing. The same bag for 6 slots costs "with us" six to seven times cheaper - about $ 3. Even considering that Europeans and Americans are more solvent than the population of Russia and the countries of the former USSR, the cost of “buns” in the gPotato store is extremely high.

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