What to do if you receive a damaged package?

    While preparing a detailed article about the purchase at foreign auctions and in online stores, I want to tell you about what to do if you received not what you should have.
    After fixing the Epson Artisan 800 (see the topic about adventures with him), a review of which is already listed in the general list of materials for publication, it turned out that the CISS for the twin brother Epson TX800FW are not suitable for it. Someone in the comments scoffed, saying that I ended up on consumables, but in fact, everything is much simpler. The printer was bought for the home, the print is off, for the first time the resource of the native cartridges is enough. As a solution to the problem, I ordered the CISS on the same eBay .

    On February 9th, 2010 I ordered a good (by eBay standards - PowerSeller , 5000 sold goods) seller a continuous ink supply system for the injured, now repaired printer.
    The parcel was sent on February 10th, and on the 19th the courier rang the intercom (unexpectedly, without a call).

    Tracking a parcel (they got a surname messed up, it happens)

    So, I’ll say right away that I was surprised because the parcel was flooded with blue ink from the inside.
    I recommend watching the slideshow (click on the picture to go to Flickr ) from unpacking the package to complete the picture:

    The bottom line is simple - the seller did not care about the safety of transportation. Of course, the thin plastic of the paint tanks could not withstand the throws of the parcel on the walls of the containers :-) At least it was necessary to pack more in a box and pack the goods with foam.
    Wearing rubber gloves, for 10 minutes he washed all this miracle. It became clear (see slideshow) that the container with blue paint had cracked, filled everything surrounding it, and the cartridge mounts had broken. Of course, the chips were soaked with paint, and later by me when washing (what's the difference?).

    After completing the photo shoot and laundering, without thinking twice, he went to the computer in order to unsubscribe to the seller as soon as possible.

    Letter number one:

    Hey, pal!
    Have you heard about foam and safe packaging? Is it possible to pack inks for international shipping that kind?
    You item had broken, the whole package was filled with blue ink.
    I've made a lot of job to find out, what happens? the whole bathroom was in blue ink! Blue container was broken and cartridges too, item is not usefull at all.
    You can look at this by yourself:
    If you want I can upload a video to YouTube.

    2 weeks of waiting were all for nothing.

    Please, send me normal working CISS for Artisan 800 with a safe packaging in normal box via Express Mail or I'll make a dispute in PayPal resolution center in a couple of days.

    Answer number one:

    I don't have problems like this shipping international. Looks like USPS damaged it pretty good. It looks like a new tank would fix the problem everything else looks to be in good order. Let me know what address

    Letter number two:

    Due to the weakness of package method, item was broken during transportation. New tank won't do anything, because the whole system is unusable? spoiled with blue ink. Cartridges are also broken because of the same reason (locks were damaged and chips were spoiled with ink).
    It's not USPS, because if parcel had been packed more safely everything shold be fine.

    Of course, he is not willing to affix another system with delivery, but what can you do, since you can’t pack - be kind, fork out.
    After reading the answer, he immediately filed a lawsuit at the PayPal Resolution Center , and all sellers, especially venerable ones, are afraid of this thing, since PayPal can cover up their entire business . Judging by the first letter, it’s normal that the answer is in the form of a possible excuse, because not everyone dares to file a lawsuit in the Resolution Center or at least know about its existence. My wife and I already ate the dog on this, having seized from the Chinese $ 600 for two wedding dresses that the customs didn’t want to pass through their fault ( $ 50 invoice with the word “Sample” throughDHL ).

    Application Screenshot:

    Answer number two:

    HI, sorry to see that for you. I will send a new one out to you asap and wrap better.

    In total, within a few days he will send me a new CISS at his own expense with the same EMS , and the old one remains idle, but with 5 full 200ml paint tanks - it will come in handy later. Do not be afraid to assert your rights - the buyer is always right. Enjoy the shopping.

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