Questions of verification work on computer science in a private school

    1. What are the systems that make up the global information network Internet.
    2. What determines the location of resources on the Internet?
    3. What is a resource identifier?
    4. What resource identifiers do you know?
    5. Is the http: // identifier required when specifying a URL?
    6. What is a network address for?
    7. What are the components of the network address.
    8. What is the network name and password used for?
    9. What similarities and differences do teleconferences and email have?
    10. What is 'on line'? Where is the term used?
    11. What does the 'ISQ' character set mean?
    12. What is ICQ # in internet paging?

    13. Explain what components the following address consists of:
    14. What is the role of hypertext in the pages of the world wide web?
    15. What does the FTP protocol provide?
    16. What educational resources of the Internet do you know?

    Secondary school No. 4, the village of Poltava, Krasnodar Territory.
    Unfortunately, the correct answers from the teacher’s point of view could not be obtained.

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