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    Hello habra We all know about Forex, maybe even some of you have tried (or are still trying) to play it to earn a living, beer, phone, car, startup (underline as necessary). But in our life, we completely devote all our time to trading in the foreign exchange market, which is practically not realistic and as a result of which automated trading experts appeared.
    In this post I will talk about some paid advisers that I bought and used on a live account. All graphs and figures are taken from personal experience and in no way belong to the adviser developers.
    So it is suggested to choose a “red” or “blue” pill :)


    Most brokers use MetaTrader4 as software (by the way, the 5th version with OOP elements is already being actively introduced and tested). It has a built-in API called MQL. Actually, it did not take a lot of time for the first program to appear that would trade in the forex market according to a given strategy (by the way, even the annual international competition of such robots is held). And therefore, the current day on the Internet is full of such programs, but they vary in price, quality, availability very much. Take average prices and good reports.
    And so I decided to share my modest experience in using these systems. Let us first dwell on some of the developments of our compatriots.

    Associated trend

    EnLight® Surfing. ( $ 98 ) A detailed description of the strategy is provided on the developer's site (this article is not about that), reports, and configuration tips. Here is what the developer shows us:

    Not bad for EUR / USD on the hourly charts for half a year (1 Hour (H1) 2007.05.07 00:00 - 2007.12.03 23:00).
    But what happens at the end of 2009 - the beginning of 2010 with optimized parameters:

    Something not to go for ... But there is a huge bold PLUS ... out of 23 transactions, 19 are positive . So if you sometimes monitor a robot, then you can close positive transactions much higher than the stop loss level at which it closed a breakeven.
    A year ago, this adviser also worked successfully on the GBP / USD pair, but unfortunately, it has not been possible to work on this pair in the last six months.

    enLight® Average Breakout Trader ($ 89) This is where things are more interesting, here's what the developer’s site shows again:

    There’s one bold minus (or maybe plus for someone ) right away - this strategy uses exclusively daily time frames (i.e. inside there will be no ordering day, the analysis takes place in the next two hours after the close of the daily candle), this implies the fact that the number of transactions is very small compared to intraday strategies (1-2 transactions per week).
    Here's what happens for the period from 01/01/2009 to 02/01/2010 on GBP \ USD:

    Of the 8 transactions, 7 are profitable! and what a result!
    or let’s say for the same period, but for USD \ CHF:

    Not really, but still in PLUS :)

    enLight® DX II Trader ($ 82) This time there is no advertising report on the site, so let's get right to our pictures. This EA also uses exclusively daily time frames, which implies a small number of transactions. This is what happens for the period September 1, 2009 - January 1, 2010.
    The pair EUR \ USD:

    Of the 8 deals, ALL are positive ...

    The pair GBP \ USD:

    Wow !!! out of 7, all 7 are positive ...

    On the other main pairs, the results are not so hot, unfortunately ...

    On this, it is perhaps better to stop and summarize.
    As you can see, automation in the Forex market exists and develops by leaps and bounds, and a person without professional knowledge can make money in this segment, while not losing precious time.
    All advisers (experts, robots) work on one account, without interfering with each other, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. (I, for example, rent a virtual dedicated hosting specially for this).

    PS: If this topic is interesting to the Habrachians, then I’ll prepare a few more reviews on other paid advisers. At the beginning I mentioned the competition of such robots, here is a link to it (with results).
    PPS: My first big post, don’t kick much :)

    UPD: gentlemen, I DO NOT sell, DO NOTI advertise these advisers, I DO NOT agitate trading on the Forex market, I just share my modest experience of using these advisors in realities.

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