Amusing economy - taxis are cheaper every day than your car

    I looked at the arguments in the next topic about food in restaurants and decided to lay out my calculations on the automotive topic.
    The thesis is - "Riding a taxi every day is more profitable than buying your car."
    The fact is that not so long ago I really wanted to buy a new car, but I sat down at the numbers and figured out what was happening.

    We count the money spent on the car.

    One-time car costs

    A new car - about 650,000 rubles at a time .
    Alarm installation - from 10 000 rubles .
    Purchase of winter tires - from 10 000 rubles.
    Total immediately goes about 670,000 rubles

    Annual expenses

    1. Casco - about 50,000 rubles a year . Someone may say that you need to save on insurance, but personally, my nerves are more expensive. Recently, an icicle that fell on a neighbor’s car only confirms this, coupled with the statistics of thefts, by the way.

    2. The cost of maintenance in the first three years is about 14,000 rubles per year . A very controversial point from my point of view. In fact, the amount very much depends on how lucky you are with the car and how carefully to handle it and what kind of gasoline to drive. For example, an engine repair with an FSI choking on our gasoline could result in 60,000 rubles or more. For calculation, I took the “ideal” option, when everything is fine and almost nothing breaks :)

    3. The cost of gasoline. Every day I need to drive about 40 kilometers. Consumption in urban mode 9-10 liters per 100 km of track, that is, 4 liters per 40 km or 80 rubles per day. In 2009, there were 250 working days. It turns out that it would take me about 20,000 rubles a year for gasoline .

    4. Transport tax - about 2000 rubles per year. These are trifles in comparison with the previous amounts :) This includes the fines received, but we assume that I will drive carefully and no one will substitute me.

    5. Parking for cars. 40 rubles per night, and it turns out that you need to pay about 14,000 rubles per year for parking. In

    total, about 100,000 rubles per year are spent on maintenance.

    Car cost reduction

    On average, a normal lancer of the age of 3 years (i.e. 2007) could be taken for 430-470,000 rubles.
    It turns out that in three years the car loses 25-30% of its value. It turns out that within 3 years I would have lost at least 200,000 rubles in reducing the cost of the car.

    Total for 3 years

    Only 970,000 rubles were spent.
    Balance (in the form of the market value of the car): 450 000 rubles.
    Losses: 520,000 rubles.

    We calculate the cost of a taxi

    400 rubles a day will cost a taxi at the most unfair tariffs (given for Ulyanovsk). That is, without taking into account the fact that I can agree with the driver to work with me on an ongoing basis for substantially less money (about 250 rubles).
    Total for a taxi per year I would spend from 62,500 rubles to 100,000 rubles.
    That is, losses for three years would have amounted to a maximum of 300,000 rubles.


    Since for the calculation I took an optimistic picture for car maintenance and a pessimistic picture for a taxi, we can assume that the real numbers will further testify against buying a car. It turned out that in Russia your car is more of a luxury, and the means of transportation is a taxi.

    PS For Moscow, the situation may be different, somewhere I saw a taxi fare of 22 rubles per kilometer, in this case it will be more expensive than your car.

    UPD1 : In the comments they mentioned that money on a car can be put into a bank at interest. +1 argument for the economy of using a taxi.
    UPD2: I never urge to give up my car and freedomwhich she gives. Calculation - an occasion for reflection on a subject "whether you are ready to be so spent". Most saw in the topic a call - “Cheap !!! Grab Faster, SO NECESSARY !!! 1 ", which is wrong. Money should not be a decisive factor in all decisions.
    UPD3: Comfort is important to me, so personally I settled on a used foreign car. It is expensive. But much more economical than a new car.

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