Crazy love starter

    As always, at lunch, he was walking along the hastily made embankment of the Pregolya River, and then she appeared, beautiful as an angel descended from heaven. He blushed, his palms sweated and his heart pounded wildly, We must not miss it, he thought, and his hand convulsively twitched in search of a pencil to write ...

    ... your idea.

    Of course, you expect a romantic continuation, but sorry, it will be a dry article with facts, but without numbers. All the way I love.

    People regularly come to me with their ideas, so what can I say, I myself sin in this matter. New projects spontaneously arise in the brain, even you have to forbid yourself to think so as not to lose focus on the really important things.

    Why do startupers blindly believe in their ideas, consider their idea unique and ingenious? Where does this endless confidence that the matter is worth? Let's understand why this happens and how to live with it. I will draw an analogy with a love feeling, you will learn how the symptoms of this disease manifest themselves and point out some treatment methods. I hope the reader is not only entertained, but will allow you to easily grasp the essence of the message and help you communicate correctly with your imagination.


    Meeting her

    A new idea may arise as a result of a targeted search or spontaneously. In this case, if a person is inclined to dream or has a real propensity for entrepreneurship, then a reaction will occur. In such cases, there is an inner pleasant anxiety, the anticipation of change. A rush of adrenaline provokes heart palpitations and other signs of arousal, manifested at the physiological level. If the mind does not win (and the adrenaline storm does its job), then the next romantic stage begins: an obsessive thinking about it day and night.

    Idea formation

    Full extroverts can immediately run and share their discovery with all, but more often “my darling” is protected from the outside world for admiring.

    And here the first serious symptoms of love begin to appear. We are entering the realm of the unknown and confused. Often commit absurd actions and go to extremes. For example, we consider our idea so unique that we force us to sign a non-disclosure agreement, just to tell about it without noticing the fact that other teams have been working on the market for a long time. But after all my so special, with others, even next to it can not be.

    Resistance and fear

    Naturally, the beginning of the novel is full of doubts and torment. The object of love seems unattainable. Well, of course, she is an excellent student, and I am a troechnik. To hide our feelings, we resort to ridiculous tactics: we do routine tasks, pretending that they are more important than our idea. And sometimes we just tend to be depressed. Various excuses are used: “No, this is impossible, it’s not mine! And then, it’s too early, too late, too inappropriate, too ... ” When we deal with an idea that seems important to us, but does not correspond to our experience, the conscious struggles with the unconscious and there is panic: the inner voice whispers quietly that this is all fine, but the mind understands that suffering lies ahead. The fear of failure screams quietly in us. After all, in case of loss, we risk underestimating our self-esteem, not to mention the time and money spent.

    Pink forecasts

    Love for his brainchild covers the eyes of a start-up with a pink mist. When we come across an idea that we like a lot, we tend to look for (and find) a multitude of factors that connect us with it ... We literally see in everything signs sent by heaven. At first it helps to reduce the psychological barriers, but then we begin to embellish our idea in our imagination. The future seems easy to implement and sweet. Well, how can someone not like your idea? Of course, both customers and investors will line up in a queue for you, it is enough to post the news in your facebook and people will forget about their business and will instantly spread the good news across the Internet.

    When we begin to assume reciprocity, we finally fall in love and often find ourselves in awkward situations. The start-up start-up begins to acquaint his friends and other people with her, almost running out into the street, stopping everybody and greetfully, sprinkling saliva on his face, proving how beautiful she is.

    The reasons

    So, we understood what was happening, but why?

    It's simple. Startups have “feelings” for their object. First of all, the frontal lobe is responsible for our judgments. As a result, we do not notice the shortcomings of his beloved. Nature has created a similar "trick" in order to increase the chances of our species to survive, it is also an evolutionary mechanism. If the frontal lobe continued to work while falling in love, many people would never start a relationship. We would be engaged in other “important” matters in our life — arranging the hut, obtaining food in a way known to us, etc. And for breakthrough achievements, all this should be relegated to the background. This is where these weird inventors or travelers come from.


    The period of love sooner or later passes. The question is, what will be the sobering factor? You will be alone with no one needed prototype and a bunch of debts, or it will grow into a mature conscious relationship. Although more often the situation is different: being connected with an idea, a person finds himself on the swing between the euphoria of blind admiration and the fear of its realization, which leads to the inability to take the first step. Facing reality can be painful or positive. In any case, you should do something and understand the real situation. This will bring a sense of relief and relaxation, since you will stop wasting energy on self-deception and maintaining illusions. A person can not always be in a state of emotional arousal. He just gets tired.

    It is very good if you are able to rise above your dreams and illusions. You do not see your idea as you would like to see, but perceive it consciously. Be able to recognize the fact that the beloved will not be able to satisfy all our expectations. For many, this stage is too difficult. Someone can not withstand the tension and part with his chosen one. For relationships to continue and develop, they must be constantly transformed. There should be other people who bring in their ideas.

    You and your idea should have a child - a real living prototype of the future business. From this point on, your life can change drastically, if you, of course, do not run away from them.

    A brain scan shows that love cuts off areas of fear and negative emotions. Therefore, being in love, we feel so happy and confident in the future. And what if you, like don Juan, are fooling the beauties one by one and immediately lose interest in them? Think for yourself.

    How to distinguish a real idea

    Do not distinguish. If you are in the stage of being in love, then you cannot think sensibly. It is good if there is a person next to you who rightly criticizes or supports your idea. But on the other hand, how can you know that the competence of your advisor is enough for your project? Therefore, you should work on your awareness and not be afraid to do research. Ask yourself the questions:

    Is what the world really needs that come up with? Where are the people, how do they look and what do they think they are doing the project for?
    Will it be in demand in this historical period?
    Is it possible to implement this in the best way, despite the limitations?
    Are you able to organize the implementation?
    Are you ready to give your life for it?

    Will you be able to earn on it, or at least to ensure its existence, if this is a non-commercial idea.

    Your project can be based on the real state of affairs and its relevance is obvious. And if you generate ideas in relation to the future, not the current situation, then there will be very few people able to understand you. But this is not a reason to abandon your project. Better to do and lose than not to do and regret.


    Doing business is a drug. When something happens, the level of the hormone dopamine rises, which causes a feeling of euphoria. That is why it is so difficult to abandon these experiences, and therefore such a break-up, when there are at least some daily victories. A side effect of dopamine is a decrease in another hormone, serotonin, which is responsible for our mood, which explains why business makes us anxious and nervous. Many more factors work against you than in your favor. It is not enough to have a mind and start-up capital, luck helps more often. Being an entrepreneur or a businessman is not an easy fate, but exciting. Do you need it, decide.

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