Printing Home Programming Books

    Honestly, I never liked to read technical literature from the screen. I read the art - as much as I wanted - both from a computer and from a phone and, as it was already 5-6 years old, from a PDA (although, no doubt, I always preferred paper books). But the technical - even if you crack - I only perceive from paper.

    Printing on A4 can be cool, but it’s not clear how to fasten it later, the stapler doesn’t take it, the hole punch also swears, there are usually no other means at hand.

    From a year ago, I came up with (or rather, I spied on one girl with a related specialty - she printed lectures so typed) one original way, thanks to which only a laser printer and improvised materials with a cost of about 100-150 rubles per couple of books are needed.

    Everything is very, very simple - we buy a notebook with clips and additional blocks (in good notebooks the cell is light gray, the laser printer closes it without straining) and print on both sides, setting the print size to A5 in the print properties. Everything, the book is ready.

    I will give you some photos from my personal collection. How do you print books?


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